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Welcome to my world, dear visitors! My name is Sanjay Sauldie and I research the real secrets that make companies successful in the field of digitalisation and society.

Geboren in Indien, aufgewachsen in Deutschland, mit einer Schweizerin verheiratet und verliebt in Österreich!
Born in India, raised in Germany, in
love with Switzerland, engaged and married
and deeply connected to Austria in human and culinary terms!

There are 24 key developments that are changing the future of businesses. I have taken on the challenge of examining all 24 developments and using them to develop the best recommendations for companies in practice, so that you can achieve your goals faster, cheaper and more reliably.

While scientific work is the basis of my work, the results I present are structured like a guide to your success in digital times. You will get a lot of valuable information here, which I present in a scientifically sound way and support you in putting the findings from it into practice in a simple and understandable way.

The transruption was developed during my studies at MIT Sloan Management School and applied to countless companies. This has also given rise to the Transruption Cycle, which helps companies to introduce the right key technology into the company at the right time and to link it with other key technologies. If instead you only look at one development after the other at a time, then it can happen that an old solution of yours no longer fits the new one. To avoid this, transruption considers all developments at the same time. This leads you faster and more effectively as well as more cost-efficiently to your goals


Transruption is a very special digital toolbox

The toolbox currently comprises 24 different key technologies of digitalisation. Figuratively, I combine them into a jigsaw puzzle with the customer at its centre

Applied, the result is more than the sum of its individual parts. That is why I translate TRANSRUPTION® as “synergy of digitalisation“. The multitude of different key technologies that need to be considered also shows that digitalisation cannot be a side task. It must be strategically integrated into corporate policy. Of course, not every company has to use all digital key technologies for itself, but it must know which ones it cannot and must not do without.

The fact is that companies will only survive the digital transformation if they position themselves within TRANSRUPTION® and develop an individual strategy tailored to their company.

24 key technologies – 1 contact person

I have already done all the work for you: I keep my knowledge up to date in 24 key technologies and pass it on to you distilled, individually adapted to your company and your industry. This saves you time, saves you money because you only have one contact person instead of 24, and you benefit from the reliability of my sources.

Transruption® is a Digital Toolbox that does not only focus on one key development, but combines the individual components of digitalization in a new way.

TRANSRUPTION®: Unique offer worldwide:

Test my know-how and practical experience now: ask me your 3 most burning questions about your business, and you will receive the individual answers completely free of charge!

My knowledge comes from sound university sources, from serious blogs and from experts who know their business – and of course from my more than 25 years of practical experience in over 40 industries with over 400 customer references.

Digital technologies have a significant impact on everyday life in business and in society. Companies cannot escape this change and are called upon to be mindful and pay attention to all essential elements of digitalisation without getting bogged down!

If important aspects of digitalisation are not taken into account in a company’s strategy, sudden and unexpected changes can occur, such as declining turnover or even the demise of a company. We have experienced this in the past with Kodak or Quelle, for example. Other examples are Nokia and Neckermann.

Such former giants of our economy went under almost overnight because they did not recognise the signs of the times correctly and did not attach the necessary importance to digital change

University knowledge from reputable sources + intensive practical experience are the only real guarantee for your success in the digital world!

I have been trained at these institutions and have deepened my knowledge there.
At IU, I am currently even a lecturer on the topic “Online Marketing”.

Why do companies trust me? It’s simple: I specialise in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as national and international corporations. Therefore, my services are not collections of theoretical approaches, as offered by other journalists or other researchers, but a cornucopia of valuable, actionable practical tips that invite direct action! I would also be happy to support your company, regardless of its size:

My world: I have already travelled to all the countries in gold on behalf of clients:
Hardly anyone else can offer you so much international, European and local experience!

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