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To expand our business network, we are looking for agencies, designers, journalists, speakers, trainers, coaches, networkers, academies, universities and business people who want to strategically conquer a rapidly growing market together with us. In doing so, you can make a huge difference for yourself, for your company and for the community. Benefit from our existing global business contacts and become part of our business network!

Examples of fruitful cooperation:

  • Are you an agency offering digital services? As a partner, we would be happy to recommend you to our clients.
  • You are a networker and have many contacts? As a partner, you can act as an ambassador for us in your state or canton and share in all sales from your area.
  • Are you a journalist, speaker, trainer or coach? As a partner, you can present your expertise on our platform to a very large selected audience and benefit from follow-up orders.
  • You are an academy and need to expand your digital portfolio? We partner with you to offer 24 digital technologies that can be delivered as online and offline courses for your students.

We look forward to hearing from you – and will be happy to explain the details in a personal, non-binding conversation:

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