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“Sanjay Sauldie has managed to entertain the staff after a normal working day”: Claudia Mallok, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, ElektronikPraxis


Compressed into two and a half hours, the guests at our Roadshow – Winning New Customers – in February and March 2010 got the extract from a one-day sales training and workshop in B2B internet marketing. Some jokingly called it ‘pressure refuelling’, others just found it ‘super!’, and ‘really great! ‘I’ll gladly come again’, many guests said goodbye highly motivated and with a beaming smile.
Our two speakers Thomas Burzler and Sanjay Sauldie managed to entertain and inspire the audience even after a normal working day. Some of the tips were put into practice the very next day. We have summarised the feedback from our guests and the most beautiful pictures of our tour on our website about this event:

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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