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Thank you Germany: Part 001: Reasons to love the country


Made in Germany vouches for quality to this day.

The designation of origin “Made in Germany” was introduced at the end of the 19th century to devalue products. Germany already exported a great deal at that time. In 1877, the British parliament passed a regulation that required the origin of goods to be marked. The inscription “Made in Germany” was supposed to identify cheap production and supposedly bad goods. Historically, however, this plan did not work. In the course of industrialisation, the technical production conditions in Germany continued to improve.

The goods from Germany thus became of ever higher quality. The original plan of the English did not work out at all. As a result, the label “Made in Germany” developed into a trademark of its own. “Made in Germany” is a guarantee of special quality. Today, this is not only known in England. Goods made in Germany are also appreciated in many other countries around the world. Anyone who buys them can be sure that the product they have purchased can be used for a long time. Especially when it comes to technical devices, consumers all over the world count on production from Germany. Germany is simply a country where good things are invented.

Great ideas are found here as well as the right technical implementation. In the production of appliances, attention is paid to good usability. An appliance from Germany not only lasts a long time, it is usually also easy to operate. Complicated instructions, such as those distributed by some furniture chains from other countries, are usually not even necessary here. And the products can still be used successfully long after the warranty has expired. By the way, there is currently no longer a direct labelling obligation in larger letters.

Producers have nevertheless retained the “Made in Germany” labelling. They know why. It is almost a trademark today. Even if the company is unknown, the designation alone is considered a sign of quality. The fact that this is so does not only say something about a single company. The entire German production is apparently trusted internationally. The country and its people can be proud of this.

After all, it is not only the inventors alone to whom such quality is owed. In companies, many employees work with great care on each individual product. The personal qualities of the employees also contribute to the quality of the entire production. The thoroughness and accuracy with which people work should not be forgotten. It is one of the most important foundations of the special production. In few other countries do people devote such precision to the products they make.

Not a few workers from Germany are therefore particularly proud when they have their end product in their hands. With the high quality production, they can undoubtedly be so. If you live in Germany, you can buy these products first hand. Instead of cheap goods, you thus acquire first-class quality. Goods like these are also worth their price. Many good technical products considerably increase the quality of life in Germany. They make everyday life easier in many respects and thus ensure happiness and satisfaction.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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