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Thank you Germany: Part 007: There are more beautiful forests in few countries


The natural panorama in Germany is unique. The forests are a particular highlight. From the Black Forest to the Bavarian Forest, the Teutoburg Forest to the Spessart – the country offers hikers something very special here. The large green areas offer visitors a place to rest and relax and many opportunities to observe wildlife. Walking in the forest is currently becoming more fashionable again. This is due to the fact that scientific studies have underlined the health-promoting effects of forest walks. The fresh air and the terpenes found in forest air strengthen the human immune system.

In Japan, the term “forest bathing” was therefore invented for walking in the forest. Like sunbathing or relaxing in a spa, forest bathing also strengthens health in the long term. The opportunity to strengthen one’s health in this way is cheap and easy to find in all federal states. The beautiful forests offer every walker enough space for undisturbed walks. During these excursions you can listen to birds, look at butterflies or watch deer. Some walkers also go in search of mushrooms. If it has rained beforehand, you may be lucky with such a search. But the forest can also provide many other delicacies. Blueberries, wild strawberries and many other fruits can be found in the forest.

In autumn, you can also successfully harvest nuts or chestnuts in some forests in Germany. Many people also use the walk in the forest to cross generations. With children, you can always find an exciting observation and an interesting conversation in the forest. But the forest can also be suitable for a walk all by yourself. It offers an environment in which you can think about other things. The mind opens up in a completely new way here. It is no wonder that walks in the forest are often used in therapy against burnout or exhaustion.

The forest offers its visitors an environment in which they can think completely new thoughts. When looking at ancient trees, people become aware of their own transience. But the infinite vitality of nature can also be well observed in the green. Most people associate positive thoughts with an observation like this. The green environment thus also strengthens the psyche and the inner life of the soul.

Some people also use walks in the forest to get creative new ideas. Even for founders or entrepreneurs, the forest can thus be a place of special creativity. It ensures that the brain comes up with completely new thoughts. Many a brilliant idea has come to people while walking in the forest. Germany offers the best opportunities for this. Many beautiful forests are under special protection.

Many a nature reserve has been preserved in this way over many centuries. It is only open to visitors for a walk, but cars are not allowed to drive through it. This keeps the air in the nature reserve fresh and does not pollute the environment. The sight of centuries-old trees rewards visitors even for walking long distances. You just have to know how to use the forest properly. Once you have discovered Germany’s forests for yourself, you will not want to do without them at any price.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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