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Thank you Germany: Part 008: Great cinema makes for good entertainment


Entertainment is also very important in Germany. Above all, the country also stands out for its good cinema. Many great directors have written cinema history in Germany. From Rainer Werner Fassbinder to Wim Wenders, Margarete von Trotha, Helmut Dietl, Bully Herbig, Volker Schlöndorff and many others, each director offers his or her own cinematic language.

Some of the German producers have made it as far as Hollywood. But the most important new releases of each year are also honoured at film festivals in Berlin. The country is appreciated for the diversity of artistic productions and funny entertainment films. There are only a few other countries with such a wide range of serious and funny cinema. There is a suitable choice for every taste in film.

Many German films have been translated into countless other languages. The most important German cinema films are often shown in other countries and have won many an award. The diversity of what is on offer also has something to do with the diligent work of the directors. Apparently, German directors are particularly productive. Hardly any other filmmaker, for example, has produced more films than Rainer Werner Fassbinder. But the other directors also regularly bring out new releases. In contrast to some other countries, the films are not characterised by a common template. There are very different ways of working among the directors and German cinema tells very different stories. Many of the films made in Germany have become classics worldwide.

With the productions of Volker Schlöndorff, Wim Wenders and others, new generations of filmmakers are being trained at film schools. The German directors offer craftsmanship at the highest level. They have been supported by outstanding cinematographers. It is not without reason that people like Michael Ballhaus were subsequently able to make a career in America. The special artistry also has to do with the fact that German film is extensively supported by cultural funding and that there is a strong specialisation on the film set. It was only through the specific division of labour that cameramen were able to establish their high level of skill. The quality of German cinema has thus set standards worldwide.

Although many serious dramas were shot in the process, the directors never lost their down-to-earthness. Each season always offers particularly funny films. Some comedians have conquered their own audiences with entire film series. Michale “Bully” Herbig is one of these people. His films have found audiences all over the world. Even if not all humour satisfies the demands of every audience, the German cinema has exactly the right programme for every desire. Germany has even made important contributions to the Dogma movement. You can also find cinematic art at the highest level in this country.

Germany has its own programme cinemas that specialise only in such films. Away from the mainstream, they offer you cinema art for that very special moment. This ensures a high level of satisfaction among viewers. Cinema is also a feature of a good quality of life, especially in the big cities. The availability of online streaming services could not change this. Germans still like to go to the cinema and let themselves be enchanted by special stories in a special place.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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