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Thank you Germany: Part 009: Environmental awareness is lived out


Few things are as German as waste separation. Abroad, people sometimes even make fun of the meticulous sorting. But it has a positive cause: in Germany there was and is a strong awareness of the environment. The environmental movement has contributed to this for many years.

In the beginning, it may have been limited to the Green Party and people from rural areas. Today, a comprehensive environmental awareness has reached the centre of German society. This is something to be proud of and something worth living for in Germany. If all countries took such care in preserving the environment, planet Earth would be an important step further in preserving its ecosystem. In Germany, concern with the environment usually begins in childhood.

Many kindergartens also provide information about the environment, just as the parental home anchors important knowledge about the biological system in children’s minds. Curiosity about animals and plants awakens naturally in children after a certain age. In Germany, this interest is also sustainably served with the right information. Even at an early age, people are thus familiarised with important knowledge on how to preserve the environment. But concern for the environment also has a positive impact on everyday life. Many people take care of a garden, for example, or like to help out when it comes to preserving the environment.

German citizens are also more likely than average to sign petitions for the preservation of nature. That is a good reason to love this country. And many environmentally conscious people also love Germany for this very reason. The cultivation of gardens has recently also increased again in cities. Under the heading of urban gardening, people here are taking care of small green spaces. They are tended in community and sometimes even harvested in community. The economic form of the commons is thus experiencing a small-scale rebirth. This is appreciated by young and old alike. Almost every German is happy to participate in the chic small garden projects when he or she has the opportunity to do so. The fact that the gardens are regularly tended is proof of a special organisational ability. Germans undoubtedly have this ability. And it also has a positive effect on many a project to care for the environment.

Many small environmental projects have developed steadily in this way. The special charm of these projects has quickly convinced many more people of the benefits. Every person in Germany is happy to make a small contribution to the environment. Beekeeping, too, has recently received more and more new blood. Germans learned about the dying of the bees and many people wanted to actively do something about it. When it comes to the environment, people in Germany don’t just put their hands in their pockets. Germans do something to preserve the beautiful animal and plant world. Both small and large animals are enjoyed in equal measure. Gardens are planted with colourful flowers as well as fruit trees or vegetable plants. People not only like to care for the environment, they also let it care for them.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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