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Thank you Germany: Part 010: Many beautiful resorts provide recreation


Holidaymakers don’t have to travel far in Germany. The country offers many beautiful places and opens up very different possibilities for recreation. From the beautiful mountains of the Aplen, to the river landscapes of the Mecklenburg Lake District, Lake Constance or the North Sea coast – there is a suitable place to relax for every wish. While one place offers sandy beaches and opportunities for water sports, mountains can be climbed or caves explored at the other holiday destination.

In contrast to many other countries, Germany is extremely versatile for holidaymakers. People never get bored in their own country. While other people fly far away, holidays in one’s own country are also worthwhile here. The federal states support tourism with good information offers. Both inexpensive accommodation and luxurious SPA areas are offered by hotels and guesthouses as well as holiday flats in Germany. Those who prefer to stay on their own will also find the right accommodation. By the way, Germans are not very uptight on holiday.

Even those who want to go skinny-dipping will find the right beach. The areas are again clearly marked. Those who do not wish to do so can choose another area. Organic farms again offer another option for a nice holiday. Here, rural life can be explored. Conversely, those who want to visit the city are offered a charming nightlife and a comprehensive programme of events at a reasonable price in metropolises such as Berlin or Hamburg. In the big cities, the creative scene enriches the cultural programme with events of every kind.

In this way, the city that best suits all needs can be found. Instead of monotony, Germans are thus offered a wide range of holiday options. Another advantage of a holiday in your own country: you don’t have to bother much with conversations in foreign languages. No matter how strange the dialect of some federal states may sound – at every holiday destination you will be understood without any problems. Many beautiful holiday flats available through travel agencies and online platforms also offer the opportunity to go on holiday in larger groups at a reasonable price. In a nice accommodation you get exactly the space you want for yourself. You will not be disturbed by anyone during your holiday.

With a wide range of SPA areas, Germany offers its holidaymakers a very special relaxation factor. Large providers spare no expense or effort here to offer very special facilities for holidaymakers. If you plan well, you can get the right accommodation, including a massage or thermal bath, at a reasonable price. But many hotels also offer fitness rooms or guided weight training in comprehensively equipped sports rooms. In addition to sports in the hotel, there are also outdoor sports offers or the possibility of climbing in the hall.

As a rule, you don’t have to travel very far to do this in Germany. If you do, you can travel comfortably by train. With some offers, the train ticket is even included in the price. With comprehensive relaxation in a beautiful SPA area, people can already recharge their batteries with a small holiday. In this way, Germany provides its residents with a good measure of quality of life. You just have to treat yourself to the available opportunities!

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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