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Thank you Germany: Part 100: Few countries stand up so strongly for Europe


Few other countries advocate Europe as strongly. And it is an open Europe that Germany has strongly advocated from the very beginning. In everyday political life as well as in special times of crisis, the other countries have always been able to rely on Germany taking on special responsibility at the European level. In assuming this responsibility, Germany has worked hard to establish good economic exchange that benefits as many countries in Europe as possible. In order to realise this goal, a stable European Union is indispensable. Germany has always worked towards precisely this and has been involved in many important measures. The country is grateful for the work it has done at the European level.

But it is not only the goal of a closed economic unit that has been in view. International openness for global world trade has also always been taken into account. The EU maintains a lively exchange with many countries of the world. Germany has always supported this exchange. It has been just as committed to dismantling trade barriers as it has been to taking human rights into account. And the commitment to both goals was equally important. Openness to migration was also important. This goal has determined decisions at the European level as well as at the national level.

With its decisions, Germany has ensured that German citizens can travel within the EU without any problems. This has resulted in many advantages, not only for private holidays. It also pays off for many people professionally. Today, they can accept a job within another EU country without major problems. In the course of this openness, people can flexibly take on different jobs and also set up projects in countries other than Germany. In addition, many qualified professionals also came to Germany. These have made a considerable contribution to the economic prosperity of the Federal Republic of Germany. The political decision-makers know this very well.

That is why they have also advocated a strong but open Europe. An EU along these lines benefits both Germany as a business location and many individual workers. It creates a quality that did not exist in Germany in the past. Today it has become the norm for many people. Even the journey on holiday often makes this clear. In many cases, it is much easier today than it used to be. We can be grateful to Germany for these opportunities that an open EU brings.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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