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Thank you Germany: Part 101: Cultural policy has a high priority in the Federal Republic of Germany


From large institutions to small projects, everyone in Germany can count on good funding. This is not always the case in other countries. German cultural policy pays attention to the diversity of projects and also specifically supports very small concerns. This orientation ensures a cultural production that always creates projects that deliberately move beyond the mainstream, and that is a good thing. Many small exhibitions have been funded in recent years, but even projects like a carnival club can count on financial support in Germany. So it is not only cultural projects for the upmarket that receive funding. A wide range of projects in the field of entertainment culture can also count on funding.

On the other hand, certain broadcasting times in radio and television are specifically blocked for high-quality programming. In addition, high-quality radio programming is produced with part of the GEZ fees collected. The special quality of German cultural production also consists in the fact that it serves every demand with its own offerings and also encourages small producers to realise their own ideas. Germans can be proud of work of this kind. They enjoy the special opportunities offered by the broad range of cultural productions. Many public productions also specifically introduce the audience to more sophisticated demands. Seen in this light, public cultural production also fulfils an educational mission. It fulfils this mission effectively and well. One can be proud of the work in this field even if one is not active as a cultural worker oneself.

Many people enjoy the special offer simply as spectators and are inspired by ever new productions. From radio to theatre to the visual arts, German cultural production often surprises its audience with particularly innovative ideas. What can hardly be financed in other countries or can only be offered for a short time, is specifically set up in Germany with the right state funding. This is something to be proud of in Germany. Cultural policy of this kind provides a programme that does not exist in this form in many other countries. It also encourages many people to become active themselves as cultural workers on a small or large scale. It is not only the big broadcasters who can put their programmes on the market in this way. Projects by pupils or students as well as people with creative ideas of any kind are also put into practice here.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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