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Thank you Germany: Part 102: Not everywhere there is such a committed young generation


Debates about the life image of young people crop up again and again at regular intervals. There is talk of Generation X, for example, or newspaper articles claiming that young people no longer have a political consciousness. In Germany, the political reality of the country clearly speaks against these claims. Time and again, people get involved with a large private investment of time, and it is young people who stand out in particular. Whether it is helping refugees or getting involved with working-class children, many young people in Germany are committed to the cause.

They give a large part of their private time to make other people’s lives better, to help them out of difficult situations, to coach them and much more. With work of this kind, the committed young people also do something for their own lives. They give meaning to their own lives through active engagement with other people in solidarity with them. So there is no question of an apolitical young generation. Many people also get involved in things that directly affect them. More justice between the sexes can be just as important a concern as combating everyday racism. You can already tell from the goals of the projects that they are particularly big concerns. They want to improve the world on a large scale and start with small things. Germany can simply be thankful for the work of the many committed young people. This commitment not only makes life better for the people who live in this country. It improves the lives of many different people all over the world.

The young generation shows solidarity with people who live on the other side of the world. The use of the internet may also have made an important contribution to this phenomenon. The young German generation today is very conscious of these possibilities and knows exactly how to work with these technical tools. For this particular work, one simply has to be proud in Germany. The young people are not isolating themselves with their work either. They are active in many projects in which older people are also specifically called upon to help. Today, this opportunity also involves many older people in Germany in joint work on a social project. You just have to love Germany for this work.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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