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Thank you Germany: Part 104: Nationwide internet access is available almost everywhere


Fast and convenient access to the internet is one of the important signs of a good quality of life, especially for young people. But uncomplicated access to the internet via their smartphone also offers older people a decisive convenience in a new city or when they have important questions. Germany has a well-developed network here. It is not only technology freaks who benefit from these possibilities. Normal everyday life is made easier by a well-functioning internet.

Many matters can be dealt with quickly in Germany using a smartphone. In recent years, more and more free networks with public WLAN have been set up in Germany’s cities. Here, consumers can quickly connect to a public WLAN without incurring any costs. As a result, the internet can be used without a flat rate or the private data volume is spared. But even those who are visiting an unfamiliar city can quickly get an overview of great sights or the right way to their destination via the free internet access. This option not only saves time, it also provides convenient orientation in new cities. Some people even use their smartphones as navigation devices in their cars.

With the right app, the devices can easily be used as such. If they are provided with fast internet or connect to a public network on site, they give drivers a good overview even in cities they have never visited before. These possibilities save time in many important situations and ensure that one does not drive disoriented through the city. Both privately and professionally, people in Germany benefit from a well-developed mobile phone network and a fast internet connection. Many households also take advantage of special offers that give them access to unlimited data volume at a low price.

In this case, the offers of streaming services can also be used. They open up a home cinema for many people, where they can select exactly the films they are interested in via the internet. Thanks to fast internet, this service offers a programme that is ideally suited to one’s own interests and offers films in high resolution. Here, too, fast Internet enhances the quality of life for the inhabitants of Germany. It has long since become the norm in many households in this country. And yet one simply has to be grateful to the country for this special quality of life.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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