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Thank you Germany: Part 011: There is almost nowhere else with such a stable economy


Germany has one of the most stable economies. Even in times of the financial crisis and its aftermath, this did not change. While many other countries have high unemployment, it is comparatively low in Germany. Unemployment is currently at a historically low level. The country also takes very good care of the education of young people. Appropriate programmes provide the right incentives for companies to train young people. Training fairs provide a good overview of possible fields of activity. But the information centres of the employment offices also do important information work. While in countries like Italy or Spain youth unemployment has continued to rise as a result of the economic crisis, Germany is trying to find prospects for its young people. But there are also integration programmes and targeted placement for older unemployed people.

Economic stability ensures that companies also have long-term prospects. As a world champion exporter, Germany produces for the world market and finds good sales for its products. The high demand is met by a good level of employment. And even those who want to change their field of work after working in a sector for a long time will find opportunities to do so. Germany is not only well positioned in a single occupational sector. It offers job opportunities in very different fields. From managerial professions to skilled trades, there are good opportunities to earn a good living. Not every country in the world offers these opportunities.

The possibility of changing jobs also makes for a varied and diverse life. But many employees also see the special protection of workers as an advantage of Germany as a business location. Many other countries do not have such fixed regulations for holidays and protection. Germany has also had a fixed statutory minimum wage for several years. It may only be undercut in a few exceptional cases. The legal regulations ensure that workers are well protected. At the same time, the state also makes important contributions to the qualification of workers.

The school system qualifies people comprehensively. The dual system of training in Germany is also a unique selling point. It offers apprentices the opportunity to qualify and earn comparatively good money during the qualification phase. With an apprenticeship from Germany, one can easily pursue the learned activity in most other countries. These opportunities offered by Germany as a business location must be recognised in a positive light. They were fought for by workers and are now enshrined in law. This makes Germany a country where you can finance yourself well and have a good life.

Such important economic foundations must not be forgotten either. They are not always mentioned first when it comes to the positive sides of the cultural nation. Without a doubt, however, they offer many people important security without which their lives could be difficult. In Germany, young people can count on the fact that in the vast majority of cases a good path into the labour market will be found for them. Ideally, they can aim for their dream job. The counsellors at the employment agency as well as dedicated teachers at German schools provide people with targeted support.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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