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Thank you Germany: Part 012: The science location is something to be proud of


German universities also enjoy a good reputation worldwide. With Heidelberg, Germany has one of the oldest universities. Moreover, nowhere else in the world does the special principle of the comprehensive university come into play as strongly as in Germany. Whereas in other countries universities often specialise strongly in individual subject areas, traditional German universities attach importance to representing all academic fields. The advantage of this is clear. The different subfields also enter into productive discussions with each other.

In the interdisciplinary debate, particularly innovative research projects are thus set in motion. But the comprehensive university also offers students a more comprehensive potential. At the university, students can visit a wide variety of departments and find the right path for their own career in science. If this is successful, a professorship may be in the offing. Anyone who becomes a professor in Germany has also demonstrated real qualities.

Compared to other countries, there are many different hurdles to this goal. There are comparatively few professorships. This also means that professors enjoy very special recognition. However, not everyone who has become a professor must therefore have retreated into the intellectual ivory tower. Many professors also appear on television or speak out in the media on certain discussions. With its many universities, the country also has a whole range of critical intellectuals who speak out on important issues. This makes for a critical debate.

Important contributions to society are also made from the perspective of science. Research in the natural sciences is supported with a lot of money. Germany’s top universities have therefore repeatedly done outstanding things in important areas. Even one or two Nobel Prizes have been awarded to German researchers. The special research achievements of German scientists and the German universities are something to be proud of. Cities with old universities are usually bustling with intellectual activity. At public congresses and other university events, even ordinary citizens can immerse themselves in this spirit. You just have to love Germany for this opportunity.

The intellectual creativity of the old traditional universities is characterised by a very special aura. It fascinates scientists all over the world. Many come to Germany for conferences and research projects. A lively exchange takes place between the countries. The German science system has always been particularly open. It does not set itself apart from other countries. In principle, the idea of the university is based on an international exchange between teachers from different countries. This exchange is promoted by the German science system wherever possible. In contrast to Anglo-Saxon countries, for example, there are no or much lower tuition fees in Germany.

Students should be encouraged to look beyond the borders of their own country. An exchange semester at a university abroad is specifically supported. In addition, the universities repeatedly invite important scientists from other countries to Germany with scholarships. It is not only in the case of expensive technical innovations such as space travel that Germany has long cooperated with its most important partners. In the humanities, too, many an important publication has been launched jointly by teams of scientists from many countries.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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