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Thank you Germany: Part 013: Baking small rolls big time


Few other countries have as many different types of bread as Germany. Every region has its own speciality. Small rolls are part of a good breakfast here, and they are filled in very different ways. In any case, they are baked to a nice crisp. Germans love them warm from the bakery or fresh from the oven. And they top the good roll with all kinds of delicacies. As in France, people in this country also attach great importance to a good breakfast.

It should be nutritious as well as tasty. In Germany, you don’t have to travel far to discover the bread specialities of certain regions. There is also a trend towards organic food shops that have concentrated on producing special types of bread. Some consumers are now also turning to bread with chia seeds or superfoods. Not only plain white bread is offered to consumers in this way, but also always the option of a particularly healthy bread. The bread can be as hearty as it is sweet. A special delicacy when it comes to sweet breads is jam. Many Germans like to make it themselves.

In some federal states, people swear by strawberry or make cherry jam, while in the north, jam made from rose hips is often served for breakfast. Another speciality is honey. Here, too, there are many different varieties that are popular in Germany. Black Forest bacon or ham, after all, is put on bread by people who like it rather hearty. But some cheese specialities can also be found on German rolls. As you can see, a separate menu can be drawn up about how Germans top their bread.

Even small children are given a healthy snack to take to school. Those who live in Germany may at some point have so internalised the wide variety of this bread culture that they no longer even notice it. But anyone who loves delicious bread simply has to love this country. It has preserved special types of grain over many centuries and still grows them today. They form the basis for the production of special types of bread. Even though every supermarket offers breads today, they cannot compete in quality with the high-quality breads from the bakery.

Many Germans therefore still buy from the baker. They also have a nice bread basket in their home. The good bread can be stored in it for several days and will not dry out. After all, if you buy good quality, you want to be able to enjoy it. Some Germans even bake bread themselves. With the right recipe and a little patience, you can bake a week’s worth of fine farmhouse bread or a tray full of delicious breakfast rolls in your own home oven.

Adding fresh nuts or a special spice can give the bread the finishing touch. In some German cities, as well as online, there are also suppliers who sell very special bread mixes. These can be used to bake high-quality bread easily and without special machines. With good bread, you can get a taste for it in any German city.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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