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Thank you Germany: Part 016: Vereinsmeierei ist etwas Fantastisches!


The work of the clubs enriches Germany not only in the youth sector. They also provide an important social service to many people in adulthood. Almost every German is or has been involved in a club at some point during his or her lifetime. Many people even take on honorary positions or found their own associations. The opportunities for work in associations are as varied as life itself.

There is a club for almost every hobby in Germany. Many associations also offer important work for social or ecological causes. Working in an association not only gives members the opportunity to pursue a meaningful or entertaining activity. It also brings people together. In clubs, new friendships are made and groups are formed that stick together for a common goal. People who meet regularly in these groups not only add a nice change to their daily routine. They also make contacts who provide amusing conversation every week but who are also personally available to help with problems. Like few other groups, clubs guarantee solid social support over many years. They also offer the opportunity for good integration.

Those who have arrived in Germany or moved to a new environment in a federal state can quickly build up a circle of friends there with the help of associations. Even if the work of the Germans is sometimes ridiculed as Vereinsmeierei, associations nevertheless offer predominantly positive qualities. The fact that Germans use this structure so much also shows the social vein of the population. Many Germans enjoy working with other people on a voluntary project. The German state in turn supports associations with its own structure.

If it is a registered association that is of general interest, donations to associations can be deducted from taxes. In this way, many people support their association or other associations with a targeted donation. In this way, their own cause is specifically promoted and the useful work of the associations for society is advanced. Associations benefit greatly from opportunities like this. Companies or banks also make donations for their work. The money received can in turn be invested by the associations in charitable work.

This results in good support structures for voluntary work. Many associations can look back on a long history. Some clubs have only been established for a few years. Especially for sports that have not been around that long, online games or technical matters, the clubs are often not that old. But with the right structure, good support can also be organised quickly in this case.

Many cities promote the work in their associations to both residents and visitors. In this way, the clubs can improve their profile and attract new members. Such good support for personal hobbies and causes is available in few other countries for associations. Many club members can pursue their personal hobbies in pleasant company. The structure of the association supports work over years and decades. This enriches the cultural work of a city or region. In the case of sports or music clubs, the special continuity also guarantees a sustainable improvement of skills.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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