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Thank you Germany: Part 020: The traditional wine culture inspires wine lovers


Not only beer – wine also has a special tradition in Germany. Especially when it comes to white wine, Germany offers real top class. When wine connoisseurs hear the word Germany, they think of Riesling. The famous wine variety is grown and perfectly processed in few other countries as it is in Germany. If France also outstrips it in the production of red wine, Germany is clearly in first place when it comes to Riesling production. The special soils and good slopes offer the very best conditions for the grape variety to grow and mature an outstanding harvest.

In Germany, quality is just as important in processing the grapes as it is in brewing beer. The best possible processing of Riesling has been continuously developed in this country over centuries. Traditional winegrowing families thus preserve a special cultural heritage. They know exactly when the right time to harvest is and how to optimally adjust the acidity and tannin structure of a wine to the respective vintage. The result is fresh wines with a crisp mineral note. They offer the ideal complement to fine cheese or hearty cuisine. But a good white wine from Germany is also suitable as a refreshing treat on hot summer days.

Wine festivals are celebrated in the important wine regions at just the right time. People come together in a pleasant atmosphere to celebrate the harvest, the good food of the regional cuisine and the sociable nature of the population. Anyone who has been to such a festival simply has to appreciate Germany for its Riesling. Abroad, the grape variety is considered one of the German trademarks. Incidentally, there is not just one particular region in Germany where Riesling is grown. In many different places there are vineyards that have been cultivated over a long period of time and offer a taste all their own. Connoisseurs have gained a precise overview and each has its own favourite wine. Both at wine festivals and in wine shops, you can explore Germany’s regional Riesling culture and find your own favourite wine.

Germans like to drink wine from special glasses at festivals. The so-called Roman gives the wine its own charm. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Riesling can also be enjoyed wonderfully from a classic white wine glass. If you want to drink the wine in suitable surroundings, you can go to a place with vineyards or drink wine at a castle. Many vineyards are found on castle slopes. And many a winegrower presses his product in the cellar of a beautiful castle. With its old walls, it offers just the right conditions for an even and cool temperature.

Many restaurants with a large wine list have found their place in a beautiful castle, and not without reason. It offers just the right flair to visit Riesling in the place where it is also grown. Riesling is also suitable as a gift for wine lovers from other countries. The wine is available in a wide range of price categories. So if you want to impress a real wine connoisseur, you should not reach for the cheapest product from the supermarket. Wineries and the specialised trade offer excellent goods.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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