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Thank you Germany: Part 021: Music festivals offer a world of their own


In the life of a young person, but also for many older generations, music festivals play a major role. Everyone has a special event in mind for the keywords concert or festival. For some, it is their favourite band that had a particularly unique performance. For others, it’s the unique atmosphere of a particular festival. But also memories of an acquaintance or romantic encounter at a festival can create a beautiful memory that is linked with very special emotions and evokes feelings in the mind. Germany offers a large number of such festivals. Not only do individual bands perform, but a comprehensive programme is offered.

Music festivals often take place in very special places. A small town in the north of the country can become famous all over the world. But festivals at a lake or in beautiful nature also have their appeal. Besides metal or pop music, there are also unique electronic music events in Germany. But many a jazz week also attracts music lovers. Every summer, the wide range of festivals offers people the opportunity to listen to special musical concerts in the open air. Many Germans love this opportunity dearly. So it is not surprising that many of these events are booked up far in advance. Concert organisers have therefore deliberately chosen large venues. For music lovers, in turn, early booking is recommended. In any case, local music festivals offer people a special time. In Germany, they are also attended by friends or used by couples for a romantic time together.

On the festival grounds, many people spend the nights in tents they have brought with them. This not only provides cheap accommodation. It also provides a special atmosphere to cuddle up in. For many people, it is a natural part of the event as a special plus point of a nice festival. However, the organisers also offer the option of arriving in camper vans or buses. Germany’s geography offers many beautiful locations for such events. Concerts are therefore not only held in large stadiums or halls. People also enjoy music together in many beautiful places outdoors. If you live in Germany, you should make the most of this advantage of the country and visit such a music festival at least once.

The broad programme allows people to selectively attend the concerts of their favourite bands. But it also offers newcomer bands the opportunity to draw attention to themselves every year. This ensures a broad range of music in Germany. Many a band’s career has taken its start at such a festival. As an opening act, sometimes even the newcomer steals the show from the main event. Everything here depends on the musical quality of a band. And there is a lot of this quality on offer at big festivals. Those who don’t want to hear a particular concert can often even move on directly to the next stage.

It is difficult to describe the atmosphere at such a large programme. In any case, events like these are among the most important reasons to love Germany. The best way to visit exceptional events of this kind is to plan well together with friends in a small group.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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