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Thank you Germany: Part 022: Medical care is a priority here


Few other countries offer such good medical care as Germany. This is true in several respects. On the one hand, the medical profession in Germany is well trained and also sends people to a specialist in precisely this area for important matters.

With good medicines but also with precise medical interventions at the cutting edge, the specialists then take care of excellent treatment. But the insurance in Germany is also one of the country’s great plus points. While in other countries not everyone enjoys health insurance and a serious illness can even lead to financial ruin, in Germany the costs for health care are covered by a compulsory insurance.

Even expensive treatments are covered by this insurance. Every person thus receives the right medical care in an emergency and does not have to worry about the exact costs of a lengthy operation. In a sense, the German welfare state thus provides a safety net for difficult illnesses. When the emergency occurs, specialists can react quickly and with the right means. Medical care in Germany is therefore comparatively good. Ideally, a doctor should always be available for everyone. Right from childhood, people are supported with the appropriate medical treatment. This support pays off in the long term. Life expectancy in Germany is comparatively high. On average, people live to be over 80 years old. As a rule, women live longer than men. Compared to other countries, medical care is reflected in both age and quality of life.

Today, health is also associated with the support of a healthy lifestyle. It is not surprising, therefore, that many Germans cycle, swim, go to the gym or do some other sport. Some sports, such as jogging, were even almost national sports at times. In Germany, good medical care is combined with awareness-raising for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. More and more people have also given up smoking in recent decades. Health is one of the most important qualities in a person’s life. Germans know this very well. They let themselves be comprehensively informed about what they can do for their health. As a result, life expectancy in the country has continued to increase. This is also an important advantage of Germany.

Good health care and sport do not come across as an obligation. Most Germans arrange to do some kind of sport that is not only healthy but also fun. People pursue exercise together with friends and are happy to get advice for their own health from their trusted doctor or personal fitness coach. What psychoanalysis once did for mental health in Vienna, holistic medical care now does for body and mind. Some health insurance companies even inform their members about special opportunities in the field of sports. In any case, individuals in Germany can choose from a wide variety of sporting activities, and today’s professional medicine supports consumers in leading a generally healthy lifestyle. Thus, many senior citizens in Germany today also enjoy the best of health.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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