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Thank you Germany: Part 025: Mild climate makes for a pleasant life


The mild climate is another reason to love Germany. While other countries struggle with extreme temperatures, there is a pleasant average in this country. In winter it doesn’t get so cold that it’s impossible to go for a walk. And most summer days also have bearable temperatures. This has a positive effect on the quality of life. The country also offers its inhabitants enough sunshine to prevent depressive moods even in winter. Throughout the year, the climate provides the opportunity to plant many fruits and different types of vegetables. Apart from tropical fruits, a wide range of fruits and vegetables grow in Germany. Many Germans plant some of it for themselves.

In part, this is to cover their own food needs. But some people also simply enjoy taking care of a small plant and watching it grow. Thanks to the pleasant temperatures, holiday times can also be spread flexibly over the year. If you are not tied to school times, you can spend a nice holiday in Germany almost all year round. The mild climate makes for a great time. While people from countries with hotter temperatures often have more heated discussions, many Germans keep their cool. The climate also has a positive effect on the mentality of some people. But Germans also have no problem getting along with hotheads.

Another part of the country’s population also appreciates the pleasant temperatures: many dogs or cats find exactly the right conditions for a pleasant life here. It gets neither too hot nor too cold when the animals stroll through the garden or the neighbourhood. A pleasant pet entices its owners to go for a nice walk at any time of year. The medium climate also ensures that the summer months stretch on for a comparatively long time. This is appreciated by all people who have discovered summer as the most beautiful of all seasons. The geographical location of the country and the climate zone of the republic ensure that they get their full money’s worth. Anyone who has spent time in a hot desert or experienced a prolonged rainy season in an Asian country really appreciates the special qualities of Germany.

You simply have to appreciate the country for its pleasant conditions as a human being. When you step out of the house here, you know where you stand. And minor changes or rainfall are predicted with certainty and precision by a reliable weather service. So walkers know exactly when they need an umbrella and when the umbrella is at best a good help for providing shade. In other regions of the world, people have to deal with sudden weather fluctuations and are confronted with dry spells or rainstorms that can paralyse entire regions. In Germany, there is at most the occasional heavy flood. And even this is only to be expected at very long intervals. If heavy rains do occur, the fire brigade and disaster control are quickly on the scene to help people out.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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