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Thank you Germany: Part 027: Not every country has a woman as chancellor!


Worldwide, women continue to be socially disadvantaged. They receive about a quarter less pay for the same work. This so-called gender pay gap means a considerable amount of lost wages for women. In Germany, a strong women’s movement has ensured that the pay gap is becoming more and more equal. Even top positions in many companies are now occupied by women. And the most important position in political life – that of Federal Chancellor – was filled by a woman for the first time with Angela Merkel.

A woman as chancellor is a considerable achievement. Not every other country has had a woman at its helm in its history. Germany has done it. This makes it clear to women and even little girls that they too can make it to the top in Germany. A woman as a leader is something quite normal in Germany. Many women have better professional conditions as a result. Anyone who is qualified for a job can also get it as a woman. No one is openly prevented from advancing professionally because of their gender or sexual orientation.

This freedom benefits both men and women. And at the latest when men have daughters or female godchildren, they are also particularly happy about this development. Gender justice guarantees that women can also achieve something in society. A woman as chancellor can strengthen the self-confidence of many girls. And in the workplace, a fair distribution of top positions ensures that the most qualified people also take on leadership roles. A distribution of leadership positions according to this standard can also benefit the working atmosphere in the company. Where people treat each other fairly and look out for each other, people work with greater satisfaction.

No man in the workplace today is expected to prevail over a woman at all costs. People work on an equal footing. The achievements in the field of feminism can therefore contribute to a more pleasant working atmosphere for both men and women, from which the men also benefit. In addition, the participation of women also brings their perspectives on certain issues into the discussion. This is true not only in the workplace, but also in political discussion and public debate. Many discussion rounds today are also led by women. And there are also many female professionals in journalism and academia in Germany today. They ensure that women’s issues are not neglected either. Overall, this means that more perspectives flow into the debate when consensus is formed. This results in a multi-layered picture.

Certain problems, which some men may not even have on their radar, are thus considered from the beginning. In the end, there is a result that does justice to as many people in society as possible. The strong women’s movement in Germany has not only improved the quality of life for women considerably. The quality of the decisions taken has also improved. This is confirmed by many academics and managers. Germany is well on the way forward on the gender issue – even if the debate is not so open everywhere.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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