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Thank you Germany: Part 028: A cosmopolitan city like Berlin is something to be proud of


Only a few other countries have lively metropolises like Berlin. Not everywhere has such a creative scene. And hardly any other city has such a turbulent history. In the formerly divided Berlin, the entire history of the Cold War and reunification is reflected. In beautiful Berlin, it is precisely the contrasts that make this special city. The most diverse districts come together here in a very special capital city.

Many people from all over the world visit beautiful Berlin year after year to get a first-hand impression of this city. Germans don’t have to fly far to do this. They have the special metropolis right in their own country. Many a new idea is born here. Berlin has a rich start-up scene. Many start-ups have already launched groundbreaking ideas here. Anyone who wants to go from a small project to a big company will find just the right contacts in Berlin. People with a lot of money come together in the capital with people who have good ideas for a project or a start-up. Then there are the many contacts abroad. There is hardly any other place that combines exactly these conditions. Even start-ups with little money can find coworking spaces or cheap rental rooms in Berlin.

Some spaces can be located in a beautiful old building and place the useful idea in the middle of the big city. There are also many funding opportunities in the capital. The direct line to the big politicians helps many a start-up get off the ground. There are also plenty of charity and NGO projects in Berlin. All you have to do is make the right contacts and business will flourish. Many small businesses expand into large projects here within a very short time. Many an artist’s or manager’s career also took off in Berlin. In the beautiful capital, anyone can get started quickly with their project. Also and especially diverse teams with intercultural competence or people from other countries are in demand here.

In the metropolis, one knows how to use the energies of every colourful bunch just right. No one’s path to success is blocked here. But even those who simply want to enjoy the many cultural offerings are never wrong in Berlin. Hardly any other city offers so many museums. From antiquity to contemporary art, everything is represented here. Theatre and sport are not neglected either. All these areas are comprehensively promoted and supported by the Berlin Senate.

The Berliners themselves know that they have such a wide range of offerings and are proud of it. The open and direct manner of the Berliners makes them known throughout the republic. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. But those who appreciate Berlin will really love it and will not find a more beautiful city anywhere in the world. The circle of these people includes more and more residents. The metropolis grows and grows and yet, or precisely because of this, offers everyone a very special quality of life. This is another reason why some people from outside the city are drawn to beautiful Berlin again and again.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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