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Thank you Germany: Part 029: The diverse organic food inspires environmentally conscious people


Germany also offers the best options for people who eat a vegan or vegetarian diet. In almost all cities, there are restaurants and even snack bars that specialise in vegetarians and vegans. But every other menu also offers something without meat.

In addition, more and more supermarkets and retail chains offer organic products from sustainable production. So if you want to eat ecologically conscious food, you have a good chance in this country. Some people also make use of the offers of regional agriculture. Many organic farms offer their own shop for this purpose or supply people with seasonal fruit and vegetables. Newly established restaurants also cater to people’s vegetarian tastes in the cities. They supply Germans with substantial and healthy food. However, care is always taken to ensure that this also appeals to visitors visually.

It is possible that vegetarianism has also become so popular in Germany because it is not only possible to eat well here, but also to eat in a biologically sustainable way. More and more people have therefore also adopted vegetarian cuisine in their private lives. But don’t worry: no restaurant or event organiser in Germany forces people to give up meat. Those who would like to eat a hearty steak also have the best opportunities to do so. Markets here also already offer organic meat.

So the environmental movement in Germany has created a broad awareness among the population. Many people now only buy organic meat. And the trade offers it at a price that people can afford. However, food inspections in Germany also pay attention to good and high-quality goods, quite independently of the price. If you buy food in a German supermarket, you don’t have to worry about spoiling your stomach.

Up to the best-before date, the goods purchased are definitely good and edible. In this respect, Germans are extremely reliable. This also considerably increases the quality of life in terms of nutrition. Compared to other countries, it is very rare to make a wrong purchase here. The shops also pay attention to hygienic storage. This is already required by law and is also checked at regular intervals. In addition to the large supermarket chains, Germany also offers vegetarian food from many small markets.

It is one of the hobbies of the Germans that they like to go shopping at a nice market at the weekend. One can be thankful to the country for the fresh offer as well as for the nice shopping experience. The beautiful market usually provides a nice start to a day off at the weekend. At many stalls, vegetarian food can also be sampled directly on the spot. The markets here offer a real treat that is also culturally inspired in many ways. Delicious cheese from France can be found at the markets, as can, for example, a falafel or fine dishes from the Arab world. But Italian dishes and Turkish cuisine have also found their way into Germany’s culinary map via many guest worker families. The entire population benefits from the result. And they like to try out different things again and again.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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