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Thank you Germany: Part 030: Critical press landscape provides reliable information


Germany has a broad-based press with critical reporting. The fact that quality standards are set in journalism is supported in this country by its own press code and the German Press Council. On the one hand, they make sure that reporting does not incite people to violence or include inadmissible disparagement. On the other hand, they also ensure a neutral and diverse press landscape. There are also large opinion-forming media cartels in Germany. Some publishing houses publish several newspapers at once. Nevertheless, the reporting in the newspapers differs considerably.

Moreover, there are comparatively many media companies in Germany. This ensures that not just one opinion is well received in the public debate. While one newspaper is closer to that party or political grouping, the other paper balances this out again. Both left-liberal and conservative readers are offered a wide range of reading material in Germany. Those interested in international politics can also fall back on corresponding publications. Many newspapers also have their own section on international politics. Thus, not only the events in one’s own country are in the focus of the editors and the readership. People in Germany also follow what is happening beyond Europe with great interest.

Finally, the newspapers and magazines have many reports on the latest publications in the literary field. Every important book publication of the season is usually reviewed in very different newspapers. Research results of new studies and scientific discussions are also discussed in the newspapers. In addition, there is lively reporting in the field of economic policy. This ensures that interested parties are always kept up to date on developments in the global economy as well as in specific industries. In other countries, there are often fewer newspapers and the editorial offices of the newspapers do not always have such a broad staff. The large proportion of freelance journalists in Germany also contributes to the quality of press reporting.

They regularly make important contributions to newspapers and magazines. But television is also supported with journalistic research. Many features and news formats report daily on the developments and current issues of the day on a good basis of information. Germans value the news. Most people inform themselves about current news at least once a day via a newspaper, television or the internet. This is how people follow fates from all over the world and the public debate.

This quality of being up-to-date in one’s own life is one of the important positive points about Germany. You simply have to love the country for this opportunity and the good information it offers. Newspapers from other countries can also be bought quickly and for a reasonable price at most railway stations.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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