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Thank you Germany: Part 031: The country has beautiful castles!


A speciality of the country are also the special castles and palaces. They are many centuries old and yet well preserved. For a nice excursion or a hike, a castle is always worth a visit. Some of the castles even have beautiful gardens around them. Within the castle walls or in the shade of beautiful trees in the garden, you can spend a pleasant time even on hot days. They are a popular destination in summer. But people also like to visit a castle in winter.

Many cities offer guided tours of their castles. During these tours, you can learn exciting stories about the Middle Ages or something about the regional history of the respective castle. Children as well as adults receive interesting information that is presented in an entertaining way. This is appreciated and enjoyed by many people in Germany. But even without a guided tour, a castle offers a unique sight. The old building or ruin reminds us of a bygone era. Some castles also have restaurants. People can stop in at these after a nice hike and have something good to eat. There are even castle restaurants that have food or drinks from the Middle Ages on the menu.

Some castles also offer medieval markets. These are a popular event with some Germans. But whether you like the Middle Ages or not – in any case, the castle invites you to enjoy a beautiful view. Most castles are located on mountains or in the middle of a forest. As ancient fortifications, they were built right here so that the enemy could not take them so quickly. The location on a mountain provides the advantage that you can enjoy a special view of the landscape of the region from a castle. A castle is therefore also a beautiful destination for photographers.

Today, castles are also used by private people who take pictures with a drone. From the castle, the drone can start its flight and look far over the landscape. Around many a castle you will find beautiful lakes, small villages or an old vineyard slope. In any case, there are excellent conditions for beautiful aerial photographs. Many Germans take advantage of this opportunity. In other countries there are not always such old castles. When the castles and palaces were built, America, for example, had not yet been discovered by Europeans. So correspondingly old buildings – at least in the north – usually do not exist there at all.

Many tourists arriving from other countries therefore specifically visit the beautiful castles and castle ruins. Some castles from Germany are world-famous. The castle ruins in old Heidelberg, for example, are among the most popular photo motifs for Japanese tourists. But there are also many castles in Bavaria. Neuschwanstein and others offer a backdrop that looks like something out of a fairy tale. Many children are positively fascinated by castles of this kind. They stimulate their imagination and inspire young visitors. This is one of the reasons why a castle is a popular destination for family outings. Germany offers many different destinations here in all the federal states. You simply have to love the country for its beautiful castles.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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