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Thank you Germany: Part 032: Allotment gardens and front gardens provide relaxation in everyday life


The garden is one of the Germans’ special places of relaxation. And many Germans have a small garden of their own. An invention that originated in Germany also contributes to this: The allotment garden offers a place in the green on a small area. Many allotment gardens have a small house where you can take a break from everyday life. In some of the houses you can even stay overnight with several people. Allotment garden settlements are not only found in the countryside. There are also many allotment gardens in the cities.

The small gardens developed there as an antithesis to industrialisation. After working long hours in dark halls in a factory, people need to be able to relax. Only then is physical and mental regeneration guaranteed. At least, that was the idea behind the founding of the small green islands. There are still many gardens of this kind today. You don’t have to live directly in an allotment garden settlement to be able to experience the lasting effect of the garden on a person’s soul. Many people have a front garden in front of their house. In cities today, young people are also getting involved in gardening again. Urban gardening projects are making big cities a little greener on a small scale. And people are enjoying these projects.

In many a front garden and in many an allotment garden settlement there is once again a special German invention: The garden gnome. It is associated with garden happiness in miniature. In addition to the classic figures, there are many humorous representations today. Celebrities or politicians are caricatured as garden gnomes. Many people put up such a figure in their small garden. However, gardens are not only home to sculptures and hammocks for relaxation. Fruit and vegetables are also planted and harvested here. In this way, the green gem also contributes to sustenance. Some people share a garden in a group. This reduces the amount of work for the individual. In this way, a group can divide up the months or weeks and manage the garden well. Gardens in Germany also provide a wonderful place for small celebrations, parties or family gatherings. Germans like to use them for a nice get-together with friends.

Barbecuing is one of the important culinary events of the year. Nowhere else can it be celebrated as beautifully as in a lovely garden. Germans go to a lot of trouble for this. They decorate the garden beautifully, buy a great barbecue or rely on the classic campfire. Even camping is possible in some beautiful gardens. If the outside temperatures permit, many Germans take advantage of this option. Perhaps it is also because of their beautiful gardens that Germans are very relaxed today. Although the country is still very well organised, it also knows how to enjoy itself. The gardens play a big part in this. You just have to love the country for its beautiful allotment gardens. This becomes clear to anyone who knows how to use a small garden properly. The gardens provide a high quality of life. Many people in Germany benefit from them.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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