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Thank you Germany: Part 034: Strong trade unions ensure good social partnership


A feature of political life in Germany is large and strong trade unions. They ensure a good social partnership. Within the framework of a well-organised reconciliation of the interests of the economy and the workers, good results are achieved in this way: on the one hand, a productive economy is maintained, which provides stability and gives people an economic perspective in the long term. On the other hand, individuals are paid a good wage for their work. Not only can he live well with this wage. He also buys goods with this wage.

The purchase of goods in turn leads to an increase in economic demand. This ensures that more jobs are created and that companies find good sales for their products. In this way, the reconciliation of interests ensures economic stability. Good social partnership is also reflected in the rights of workers. This is not only about the right to strike to enforce wage demands and other political demands in industrial disputes. The legal regulations on the minimum wage, holiday entitlements, a thirteenth salary, continued payment of wages in the event of illness and much more also ensure that people are well protected as workers.

In this way, people can plan for the long term. Those who are not plagued by worries every day lead a healthier as well as more pleasant life. With good planning, children are also easier to have. Germany offers a good legal basis for all this. The country ensures that strong trade unions stand by workers in the event of conflicts. They can also provide good help with individual problems. From collective bargaining disputes to legal disputes, workers in Germany find a lot of support. And the protection against dismissal in Germany is also comparatively good.

Anyone who does not own a business but is employed by a company has a good position in Germany. But the German economy also offers optimal opportunities for company founders and businesses to expand in the long term. Unlike some other countries, the country is economically very stable and has a secure market. This provides the best basis for reliable planning. There are also many opportunities for subsidies or support for business start-ups in Germany. If you take advantage of these, you can develop a small start-up into a large business. The opportunities for this are always good in the German metropolises. This also offers the opportunity to make targeted contacts in other countries.

This also allows companies to expand internationally. The EU, in turn, offers German employees easy movement within EU countries. This can also make economic life easier and promote careers. Many Germans have already taken advantage of this opportunity. The country also always gladly and successfully accepts qualified professionals from abroad. It offers many measures and support opportunities for integration. People are happy to take advantage of these. Economically, Germany is not only well positioned. It also offers the workers employed here a good standard of living and thus increases the quality of life of all people in a particularly sustainable way. You simply have to love Germany for that.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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