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Thank you Germany: Part 035: The well-developed infrastructure ensures mobility


One of Germany’s important plus points is a special degree of mobility. The extensive road network, the German railways as well as private bus companies and other transport companies ensure that you can get from A to B in the country quickly and comfortably. Even longer journeys can be undertaken safely. The Germans’ good organisational skills also bring advantages in this case.

Although there may sometimes be delays with the railways, for the most part you can count on very reliable travel planning. The many tracks ensure that you are well on your way. If you need to get from one metropolis to another quickly, there is even the option of a short-haul flight. Finally, with your own car you can also get around well on the German roads. These are well maintained by the state. So you can travel quickly and safely by car.

Rail transport also offers young people an increased degree of mobility. Almost all larger cities are well connected to transport routes. This means that you can be mobile in Germany even without a car or motorbike and get to your destination easily. There are usually cheap tickets for pupils or students. If you consciously choose to take the train, you can also buy a job ticket as an employee of a company.

Thanks to the good infrastructure in Germany, you are easily mobile in cities and can do all your business with confidence. Many managers in German companies also have a BahnCard 100, which allows them to travel as much as they want by train throughout the year. Flexibly and without having to buy a ticket each time, people can thus use exactly the train that suits them best. But economy fares and cheap bus tickets for long-distance travel also offer their advantages. You don’t have to be an executive in Germany to be able to afford good mobility. An above-average number of Germans have their own car.

This certainly has something to do with the fact that the country is one of the world’s great car nations. People in Germany count on the brand-name products of their own car companies and are particularly proud of them. The good infrastructure provides the cars with the right basis to be fast and well on the road. With a navigation device, drivers today can easily get to any place in Germany they want to visit. In most cases, smartphones with the appropriate app can already be used as such a navigation device. In terms of transport, this makes the country much easier to get around than many other countries.

This improves the possibilities of seeing for oneself the many beautiful sites that Germany has to offer its inhabitants. More and more people are taking advantage of this opportunity today. Fortunately, there is such a good infrastructure in our own country. It makes life easier not only during holidays, but also in everyday life. One can also accept a job that is not directly done in one’s own place of residence. This in turn increases the level of employment and reduces unemployment. The German government has recognised that investments in infrastructure are a good investment in the future. That is why the infrastructure is taken care of particularly carefully here.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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