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Thank you Germany: Part 036: A creative start-up scene creates opportunities for start-ups


Germany offers founders the best opportunities for a successful business story. Many cities have their own neighbourhoods where it is particularly easy to raise a start-up. The Medienhafen in Düsseldorf, for example, is one such place. But big Berlin or chic Munich also offer a supportive environment for starting a company. Many people have already taken advantage of this environment. But it’s not only the cities that contribute to start-ups, but also the communal life in Germany. Germans like to come up with a good idea – and they also have the right organisational skills to get it off the ground.

Those who gather good organisers and managers as well as creative minds in their team have optimal chances of success. If the necessary start-up capital is lacking, German banks are happy to help out. Another possibility is crowdfunding. This involves collecting donations for the founding of a specific project through a film on the Internet. Everyone who donates receives a little something if the project is successful. Germans love projects like this and are happy to support clever ideas. With the right video and a nice presentation, the necessary capital for the foundation of a project can thus be collected quickly in Germany. Most Germans speak fluent English. Accordingly, start-ups can also shoot their videos in English. In this way, donations for special projects can be collected worldwide. If you have a good idea here, you also get good financial opportunities in the country for implementing this idea.

Some large internet companies have developed from small start-ups. But it is also easy to set up small shops or medium-sized businesses in Germany. Once the business is up and running, the country’s stable economic situation offers good long-term prospects. That is why start-ups from other countries also like to settle in Germany. They get local support from many people and set up successful companies together with Germans.

The successful projects of the German start-up scene are so intercultural and particularly diverse. Perhaps that is why the country has such great economic potential for founders. Compared to other countries, you have good prospects here not only in the initial start-up phase. If you plan well and make sure you don’t grow too fast, you can set up something very solid here. That is exactly the prospect that many company founders want. In contrast to some other countries, Germany does not have so many risk strategies in the area of business management. This in turn guarantees that the German economy will function well: If large companies can rely on solid supply, they too can produce reliably economically. Thus, safe economic work has a beneficial effect on a general level.

Anyone who founds a start-up and wants to make a business out of his small project simply has to love Germany as a business location. It offers him both good opportunities for the start-up and social security. If the start-up project does not succeed, the founders do not fall into nothingness. The good network of the German welfare state catches people specifically.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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