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Thank you Germany: Part 037: Outstanding architecture makes the country famous worldwide


You also have to love Germany for its special architecture. Regardless of whether you prefer Bauhaus, Art Nouveau or other epochs – at all times, architects from Germany have achieved top performances. In particular, many great masterpieces of modernism were also developed in Germany. While the architects of the Weimar Bauhaus subsequently expanded and realised their projects all over the world, there are also many excellent houses in the country itself.

In the big cities, special architects are hired for specific urban planning. Both companies and public buildings are built in such a way that they often create a very special atmosphere. The architecture shapes the cityscape. It can cite regional characteristics and organise space in a special way. Some people prefer a building with ornaments and many beautiful details and little things. The old building from the Art Nouveau era serves exactly this need. And there are even many beautiful buildings by the Austrian artist Hundertwasser in Germany. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, he designed a small railway station. Visitors to this particularly colourful building are always taken with this unique station design. Other people prefer an open space with lots of glass, which is bright and absorbs light well.

Modernist architecture has deliberately created precisely these possibilities. It builds on a modern and translucent space that gives residents a lot of freedom of movement. The Bauhaus and other architects from Germany have achieved supreme masterpieces in terms of modern architecture. One can be grateful to have these beautiful buildings in the country. They beautify the cityscape. Public buildings such as museums are also often commissioned from important architects.

Germany also has a strong patronage system. This means that rich people donate a lot of money privately to have museums and cultural institutions built with beautiful buildings and to equip them in the best possible way. This ensures that the art housed in such institutions is shown to its best advantage. But anyone who wants to afford a special house privately also has many opportunities to do so in Germany. In addition to special architecture, there are also models that consume little electricity. Energy-saving architecture can save residents so much money over the years.

Some people also build photovoltaic systems on their roofs. Generating electricity from sunlight protects the environment. In Germany, it is always supported with subsidies. In this way, individual households can save energy themselves and contribute something to maintaining a positive environmental balance in the country. Many people are happy to take advantage of this opportunity. Because of the subsidies, not only rich homeowners can afford such a system. Average earners can also consider such a system. The systems, which are mounted flat on the roof of the house, are built in such a way that they fit in well with the architecture of the building. This ensures a harmonious overall appearance of the building as well as the city.

In general, Germany has a very strong focus on the conscious design of the city. With its own working groups, it is tackled in a targeted manner and planned over a period of years. The result is cities where you can always see beautiful buildings when you walk around. You have to love Germany as a resident for that, too.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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