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Thank you Germany: Part 039: Carnival is celebrated particularly well here


The German carnival may not be as colourful as the one in Brazil, but it still offers its very own charm. There are regions where carnival is perhaps the most important celebration of the whole year. Hardly anyone from Cologne will be unable to relate to this special festival. And once you have got into the special mood and are in the right carnival place at the right time, you simply have to love Germany for its carnival.

Carnival combines traditional costumes and disguises with colourful entertainment, pop culture motifs and also offers its own subversive content. In the Middle Ages, it was invented precisely for this purpose. For one day a year, the carnival hustle and bustle turned the country’s power relations upside down. What can still be imagined today in the conquest of some town halls by the jesters’ guilds, got downright out of hand back then. The nobility were caricatured, crude jokes were made and many an authority in the village was literally given a dressing down. The fun went so far that some towns were forced to issue ordinances banning such “Mumenschanz”. To this day, however, the jesters still take their own liberties.

Many carnival parades are not only attended by witches in classic wooden masks or other costumes, which have a long tradition in the region. There are also carnival floats that express special motifs and poke fun at political events. Almost every year there are very funny floats. Every fool is free to choose his or her own disguise. Carnival is a celebration of personal freedom. People like to drink a lot and fool around at carnival.

Costumes also offer the opportunity to slip into other people’s roles. For children, this festival offers special fun. But even for adults who like carnival, the fun of dressing up never wanes. Groups of friends often plan a particular disguise together. Groups then visit a carnival or take part in parades in this costume. You simply have to love Germany for this fun festival. Everyone should take part in carnival at some point in their lives. Some children even join dance groups and perform at the carnival.

The festival offers a lot of fun and entertainment in every respect. You won’t find the kind of hustle and bustle of the German carnival in any other country. The beautiful festival is one of the special highlights of the year for many people. Months in advance, they think with anticipation about which disguise or costume they will use this time at carnival. Cologne is also known for celebrating extensively on several days and, if possible, wearing a different costume on every single day. Many a carnival celebration offers people a beautiful memory or an exciting story that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Those who have classic wooden masks, as they are often worn in the south of Germany, will take good care of them. Often such masks are even passed down through the family for generations. German carnival thus offers a cultural heritage that is part of Germany’s traditions. You have to love the country for that.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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