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Thank you Germany: Part 040: Fun fairs are not just for children


The fun fairs in Germany offer wonderful festivities. You can indulge in culinary delights, shop for little treasures, ride on a carousel, visit ghost trains and much more. They are an integral part of Germany. Many people have fond childhood memories of visiting a fair. Even in adulthood, people still like to visit the funfair. It offers a nice little occasion for an outing for all strata of the German population.

At a fair, you can escape from everyday life and stroll through a colourful hustle and bustle. Many people already appreciate this opportunity without buying anything themselves. But for little money there is already the possibility to get a nice little treat or to buy a little something for good friends. The “souvenir” from the fair will delight the recipient in any case. Similar to the circus, the fair also offers cultural entertainment that cannot be enjoyed every day.

The attractions of the funfair move from place to place like the people who offer them. When the funfair makes a guest appearance in one’s own town, it is a very special occasion for every German. Families instead of visiting the markets together with their children make for unique moments. At some fairs you can even ride a car scooter or take part in boxing. The funfair offers something for all its visitors. There is a speciality for every age group. Even as a child in Germany, you often have a very specific little thing in mind when you come to the funfair.

For some children it’s the carousel, for others the sweet candy floss or the beloved hot air balloon. This fond childhood memory provides a moment of happiness that is remembered fondly for a lifetime. Even if the fair does not offer high culture, it does offer a special happiness in miniature. Not every country provides its inhabitants with such beautiful festivities. In any case, the German fun fair is one of the important reasons to love one’s own country. Sometimes you forget the beautiful moments at the fair when you get older.

Then you just have to visit a beautiful fair again and you will remember the happiness from your own childhood. The fair is one of the most beautiful places. Perhaps it is also because it does not exist all year round. It can only be visited at certain times. But when it is held in a town, it is visited by the whole village or town. That’s why at fairs you often meet people in your home town whom you haven’t seen for many years. So the fair also reunites people who have not seen each other for a long time.

Even in the case of quarrels and years of radio silence, a new encounter can take place here. People should appreciate Germany for its beautiful funfair and use this market much more again. The fair makes people happier than the shopping centre. This has to do with the fact that it offers colourful stalls and toys of all kinds. The German funfair preserves for its visitors a childhood happiness that they can recall again and again.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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