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Thank you Germany: Part 042: Best bratwursts in the world


A particular speciality from Germany is the bratwurst. There is simply no other country in the world that offers so many different bratwursts and prepares them with such high quality. Not only connoisseurs of upscale cuisine get their money’s worth in Germany. Those who appreciate a good currywurst or associate special memories with the regional sausage speciality are also well catered for in Germany. There are stalls with home-made sausages at every nice market.

Each region has its own speciality. If the inhabitants of this region have their way, no other sausage usually comes close to the qualities of their own product. Special processing or certain herbs refine the special offerings in different ways. Sometimes the special recipe is even secret and well guarded. The market where these sausages are offered is well attended by Germans. And bratwursts of various kinds can also be eaten at any fair or Christmas market.

Germany’s railway stations also usually have a stand where a quick currywurst or other sausage can be eaten. The currywurst is a special German invention. In the capital in particular, people love to eat the little sausage slices in ketchup and curry. They were even considered one of the favourite dishes of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Everyone can afford a currywurst, and it also enhances small breaks with a special meal. A good currywurst goes well with a cool beer after work.

But many Germans also enjoy the special sausage in Berlin after a visit to a museum. This is how high culture is brought together with everyday culture. Even if the currywurst is a small thing, no one will want to miss it. In the case of regional products, attention is again paid to a very special quality in the production of the sausages. Both the high proportion of meat and the addition of the right amount of spices ensure a real bratwurst delight.

Those who come from countries where there are hardly any bratwursts will particularly appreciate this German speciality and enjoy it very consciously. Some Germans, on the other hand, don’t even notice the bratwurst as much because it is such an integral part of their lives that it is no longer anything special at all. You can also buy bratwurst in swimming pools and in schools. In Germany, they are eaten by children as well as older people. Germans refine their favourite sausages with ketchup or mustard. They are usually eaten together with a crispy roll. Germans also have these on offer and they are the very best complement to a fine bratwurst.

At bratwurst stands, you usually get a wide range of different sausages. Depending on your taste and mood, you can choose the right sausage. From sausages with a spicy flavour to small Nuremberg sausages, white sausages and cheese crackers, German bratwurst stands offer their visitors a wide range of culinary delights. You’ve got to love Germany for this special cultivation of the cultural heritage of bratwurst. It is simply impossible to imagine Germany’s culinary map without this simple yet delicious food.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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