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Thank you Germany: Part 043: Dry humour in a class of its own


Germany also offers a special programme in the humorous field. From Loriot to Bully Herbig to cabaret to comedians, the Germans offer a dry sense of humour that makes for real laughs. It is not uncommon for people to laugh at themselves. Many humorous interludes and TV shows observe the German idiosyncrasies very closely and take them for a ride.

The German is not too important to be able to laugh at himself. In many contributions there are also regional animosities against certain federal states in particular or the character traits of Germans in general. Certain professional groups, such as teachers or politicians, are also often parodied. Some comedians have authentic parodies of chancellors in their programmes with which they make millions of people laugh. Other comedians make fun of current political events. The German comedy scene thus has a special news value as well as a special entertainment value. It not only ensures that people are well entertained. German comedy also acts as a critique of political conditions.

Programmes such as the Heute Show and cabaret programmes refer directly to political developments and public debate, and in some cases they offer a massive critique here. This is a good thing, because it enlivens the country’s political debate culture. Not every country can count on such witty comedy as Germany. The country can be proud of that. Those who are entertained with the right comedy in Germany are also offered a commentary on political current affairs. There is no censorship of such programmes. It would be unthinkable in Germany. As long as there is no incitement against other people, Kurt Tucholsky’s catchphrase applies in Germany: “Satire is allowed to do anything!” This is not always the case in other countries. Satire therefore makes good use of its possibilities in Germany.

There is probably hardly an important politician who has not been made the subject of a parody or satire in Germany. This kind of entertainment is simply part of the country’s political life. It is entertaining and at the same time raises the political awareness of the people who live in this country. These are both important benefits. The freedom of art and culture in the country is something to be proud of.

It is also because of this that Germany has a cultural landscape that far exceeds the possibilities of many other countries in this world. This makes for special entertainment every evening. Many people like to listen to and watch programmes of this kind and make a comfortable evening of it.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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