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Thank you Germany: Part 044: Horse racing and Casino Baden-Baden offer a unique experience


Germans can also enjoy very special qualities when it comes to gambling. Not only the lottery is one of them. The beautiful town of Baden-Baden offers gambling with a long tradition. For one thing, there is one of the most famous casinos in the world. The Russian writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky bet his money here. Unfortunately, he fell prey to a certain gambling addiction. He subsequently wrote his famous novel “The Gambler”. But even those who only bet small amounts or want to take a look at the special ambience are welcome in Baden-Baden.

The town offers its own guided tours of the historic casino. There is also another famous event: the Baden Race in Iffezheim near Baden-Baden. This is the home of gallop racing. And with the right amount of luck, you can also win good money at the horse races. In any case, the events are a lot of fun. A broad cross-section of the population gathers at the racecourse to bet on horses. The high society with its actors, athletes and other celebrities can be found here as well as the average population. The horse race offers a special atmosphere under the open sky. Guests are also well catered for on site.

Those who have made a good profit can celebrate with a glass of champagne. The special atmosphere at the racecourse as well as in the casino cannot be described. You have to visit these places yourself to get a feel for the atmosphere. But if you dare to do so, it will give you wonderful memories that will be worthwhile in any case. At the racetrack, as in the casino, you can enjoy the sophisticated life and have a good time. Germans are not only good at saving money, but also at betting. Baden-Baden is exactly the right place for this sport. You have to love Germany for the traditional casino in this town as well as for racing in Iffezheim.

Every visit here offers a special experience. You shouldn’t miss out on this. These sophisticated places are also part of Germany. They are visited by many people year after year. There are visitors who travel to Germany from the other side of the world just to see Baden-Baden and go to the casino once. What Las Vegas is to the USA, Baden-Baden is to Germany. With the difference that in Baden-Baden you meet in an even more noble setting with a longer historical tradition. You simply have to love this beautiful place for that.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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