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Thank you Germany: Part 045: The Rhine landscape with its vineyards is beautiful


There is a special landscape in Germany where so many things that make up this country come together: the landscape along the Rhine – a railway line that runs past the Loreley up to Bonn. Here, visitors are offered mountains full of vineyards, castles with a long tradition and rivers along which many ships have sailed. You can travel through the region by train as well as by boat, you can explore it by bike or walk through it. In any case, visitors’ hearts swell as they stroll through this beautiful area.

The vineyards produce a typical German wine. The old vines make for fine white wine enjoyment. White wine should be enjoyed well chilled. It is served to visitors at many fine wine festivals in the country. It offers an ideal introduction to German wine culture. But even those who simply want to go hiking or enjoy a beautiful view of the river are in exactly the right place here. There are also special legends surrounding the Loreley. On the banks of the river, a legendary figure is said to have lured ships to the bottom or into difficult waters. Stories about this figure have been preserved in old legends, and there are also poems about it.

The famous German poet Heinrich Heine wrote one of the most famous of these. It is inscribed on a small plaque at the appropriate vantage point. The famous poem as well as the beautiful landscape belong to the important cultural assets of the German Republic. You simply have to love Germany for this landscape. Even if the beautiful woman from the legend may not have existed, the beauty here is clear to every visitor from the landscape itself. The region therefore attracts many visitors every year. With its beautiful little festivals, these are visited in a hospitable environment. But the route is also a paradise for every cyclist. It can be used to cycle along beautiful cycle paths while enjoying a view of one of the most beautiful regions in all of Germany.

Without a doubt, you can’t help but love Germany for this special place. If you haven’t visited it yet, you should take the time to make a trip to this beautiful region. The region’s vineyards have been cultivated for centuries. Even the ancient Romans brought the tradition of cultivating wine to the region. Near Mainz, there are also excavation sites from this very period to visit. They can be visited during an excursion.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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