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Thank you Germany: Part 046: Germans are good hosts


The Germans are also good hosts. If you are invited to someone’s home in Germany, you can count on two things: Firstly, the invitation is guaranteed to be meant seriously. No one in Germany offers a visit out of politeness and is then surprised when this visit actually arrives. This can happen in other countries. Here, every greeting always sounds warm, but not every encounter is also authentic and meant seriously. In Germany it is quite different. Here, you can take an invitation at its word.

You can also count on a second thing in this case: German hosts take care of their visitors. As a rule, there will be something to eat or even a good drop to drink. This makes for nice encounters where you can sit together in convivial company and have good conversations. Some people provide a very special atmosphere for this in their living rooms for their visitors. Other hosts invite visitors to meet in the garden. Here they like to barbecue or serve good food. Those who also want to reward the nice invitation can bring a good wine or a selected beer to meetings of this kind.

People in Germany are happy to receive gifts of this kind, and they are happy to give them. This creates a good mood among the guests as well as the hosts. In any case, there is a very good guest culture in Germany. It makes for wonderful encounters time and again. During encounters of this kind, important conversations are held, people take a break from everyday life and make friends.

Many Germans are also very enthusiastic about games evenings. Board games are played in pleasant company and make for good entertainment. Germans also use them to get to know each other a little. An invitation to a games evening is thus not just for young children. It also provides adults with an evening of pleasant entertainment, during which there will be many interesting conversations. For conscious cultivation of social get-togethers, you simply have to love Germany.

The culture of celebrating and playing ensures that people here are not so alone. It makes for pleasant entertainment and ensures a convivial community. Anyone who is afraid of loneliness quickly finds help because of it. He or she can meet many people for a social game or, if they like it, is also invited home by new acquaintances.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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