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Thank you Germany: Part 047: Punctuality and reliability are German traits


It’s hard to believe, but even craftsmen for small jobs in Germany are often on site to the minute. When something needs to be done here, you don’t just tackle it well. They are also there at exactly the right time. This ensures reliability and good scheduling. You can’t rely on qualities of this kind in every country. Southern countries in particular sometimes don’t take schedules too seriously. This can be congenial on holiday. However, if you don’t have much time, you depend on punctuality and reliability.

In professional life as well as in the everyday life of a full working week, punctuality is therefore very much an important advantage. It ensures that you can rely on appointments and also keep to your own schedule. When everything is done, you have enough time to plan free time activities. Punctuality and reliability ensure that you can manage your everyday life in Germany. This increases your personal quality of life in many ways. But the special reliability also pays off economically.

This is precisely why many companies from other countries prefer to cooperate with German employees or companies from Germany. In this case, they know that the ordered goods or agreed services will be delivered exactly at the promised time. In this way, everyone can plan well and push ahead with their own projects with full energy. Incidentally, most Germans plan just as reliably in their private lives. If you want to go on holiday with them or arrange to meet at the cinema, you can usually rely on the date working out well. If someone doesn’t have time, cancelling is good manners.

Such reliability is not known in many other countries. People who are used to punctuality and reliability according to German standards often have to adjust in other countries or remind their friends more often of a certain date. In Germany, you can rely on the fact that it will be saved in the calendar or smartphone after just one mention and that it will be kept. You have to love the country for this personal reliability. It also quickly gives visitors the impression that you can really rely on these people and also plan well with them. This is why Germans are also popular guests with tour operators in many a holiday region. When Germans book, you can be sure that they will come.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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