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Thank you Germany: Part 048: Reliable waste collection ensures clean streets


Cleanliness is often not mentioned as a special quality of Germany. For the most part, it is simply taken for granted. This is because it is quite simply present. An important contribution to this is made by a well-organised refuse collection service. It is often on the road early in the day to guarantee cleanliness in large cities. And in this endeavour, the waste collection service is very successful. One is happy about the result and clean cities, but in many cases one does not even see the workers themselves. In any case, Germany must be praised for its special performance in this area.

Well-organised waste collection ensures that the cities are beautifully clean. The beautiful cityscape provides a place where walks are also fun and you don’t get dirty. In addition, well-organised rubbish collection ensures cleanliness, which ensures less spread of bacteria. The incidence of disease due to poor hygiene or contamination is thus considerably reduced. This not only makes German cities more beautiful. They also provide a place for healthier living. This advantage is appreciated by people who come from countries where such good waste collection is not available. Fast and clean is how waste collection works in Germany.

This special work is in turn supported by the population. With good waste separation, the correct distribution of materials is already prepared. With this work, the Germans in turn support the work of their waste collection and help in the sustainable care of the environment. The German deposit system has additionally contributed to the fact that many beverage bottles are used several times or recycling takes place. In terms of waste processing and waste avoidance, Germany is undoubtedly doing a good job. The country’s inhabitants can be proud of this, and they are.

Even in the big cities, the waste collection system does a good job of removing waste quickly. The municipalities do a good job here. The beautiful cityscape catches the eye of many tourists from other countries. It is considered a special quality of Germany. For this quality, one should praise the waste collection services and support their work through good waste separation. Even though this may not be the most important part of social life, this work increases the quality of life in Germany quite considerably.

You just have to love Germany for its clean cities. They not only provide us with a beautiful place to live. They also ensure that children also grow up in a clean environment and can move as freely as possible as young people.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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