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Thank you Germany: Part 049: Motorways without speed limits guarantee border-free mobility


An important feature of Germany is also the motorway. Unlike almost all other countries, there is no speed limit on German motorways. In addition, the roads are well maintained and always renewed with care. This means that mobility at high speeds is possible here. If you drive a vehicle with a lot of power, you can also drive at a higher speed here, and the safe roads guarantee a stable surface without potholes. This is often great fun for car fans.

There are even people who drive to Germany especially for this. Here, drivers can also travel at speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour. In other countries, speed limits often already beckon far below that and heavy fines for non-compliance. In Germany, on the other hand, both private individuals and business travellers can drive fast on the autobahn and get from one place to another. Many test cars from car companies are therefore also tested on German motorways. If you drive with your eyes open, you can sometimes even catch sight of one of these cars. In any case, driving on the autobahns is great fun.

In the past, driving a car was considered mainly a male domain. Today it is enjoyed across genders. Women, too, enjoy driving fast and safely on the autobahn with the right car. The good cars that the German market produces give good gas here and give drivers pleasure. Many people therefore like to use the autobahn for mobility that is fun. Germany is famous all over the world for its motorway. It offers the automobile nation just the right place to try out its own products. Motorways usually have several lanes. As long as there is no traffic jam, there is always the opportunity for free travel in the overtaking lane. There are also no tight bends. So there are also no conditions imposed by the road itself that restrict speed.

If you pay attention to the necessary safety distance, you can not only drive fast here with clear visibility and no traffic jams, but also drive very safely. Motorcyclists also enjoy the motorway without a speed limit. They drive a lot on the roads and cover long distances in a short time. On holiday as in business, the motorway can thus save a considerable amount of time. Even for companies, their long-distance transport options pay off. They take advantage of them through professional transport with heavy goods vehicles. You simply have to love Germany for the motorway without speed limit.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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