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Thank you Germany: Part 050: Top drinking water quenches Germans’ thirst


While tap water in some southern countries has to be kept clean with chlorine, Germans can get clean drinking water from pipes. And it gets even better: most performance water from Germany not only makes it unnecessary to buy mineral water from the beverage trade for cost reasons. There is also much to be said for the use of tap water in terms of quality.

Because in Germany, the quality of tap water is usually so high that much mineral water from the beverage trade cannot compete with this quality. The groundwater reserves here supply water that has minerals and excellent values. Laboratory tests have proven this year after year. The water supply is so well organised and can rely on such good water that no germs or pathogens can be found in the tap water coming out of the pipe. Germans can enjoy tap water in both hot and cold temperatures without any problems. They do not have to boil it or treat it in any other way.

There is only a high lime content in some regions. However, this is completely harmless to health. If you prefer your water soft, you can buy an appropriate filter. Carbonated water can also be produced efficiently and well. Quite a few households in Germany have a device that adds carbonic acid to their tap water. The Soda Max and other devices quickly turn tap water into a fresh sparkling experience. If you use this type of mineral water, you do something good for your body as well as saving money. In addition, you no longer have to transport many bottles.

So your back also benefits from this good option. It results from the high quality of German tap water. Many fountains in public spaces also provide people with drinking water. Both hikers and walkers like to use these for a little refreshment. Finally, many older people also benefit from the good tap water. This option ensures that people do not have to carry large quantities of water over long distances. Moreover, no one has to die of thirst in their own home.

Germany can be proud of its high-quality drinking water. It is healthy and has many practical advantages that make life in Germany easier. You simply have to love Germany for that. Even though it is a simple thing, it improves the everyday quality of life for people in Germany quite considerably. Many people appreciate this opportunity and rely on their own tap water as the best drinking water. They know why they do this.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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