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Thank you Germany: Part 052: A safe country grants a high standard of living


Security is writ large in Germany. In fact, there are currently fewer violent crimes in Germany than there have been for many decades. There are at least two reasons for this: On the one hand, there is a well-trained police force that takes care of security in public spaces. Secondly, Germans also pay particular attention to their fellow citizens. Anyone who is out and about in public and has an accident or a problem can quickly find support in large cities today.

The surveillance of public space and the personal presence of the police also ensure that assaults in public space are rather rare here compared to many other countries. At large events, such as football matches, police are automatically always on site or a trained security service looks after the well-being of the visitors. This way, people in Germany can move freely and safely through the country. No matter what colour your skin is, what religion you belong to, whether you are disabled or healthy – in Germany everyone can walk through the public space without any problems.

Public transport in cities is usually designed in such a way that wheelchair users or people with a visual impairment can also travel in it without any problems. This possibility is mostly perceived as quite normal by Germans. In many other countries of the world, however, it is far from normal. Some countries make it difficult for certain marginalised groups or even the entire female part of their population to appear in public. In Germany, these problems do not exist. Women can drive a car alone here and a gay or lesbian couple can walk through the park as a couple without anyone having to be afraid. This personal freedom and liberality of the country is one of Germany’s great strengths. In some respects, it was hard fought for. That makes it all the more important to rejoice and be proud of these achievements. They are another important reason to love Germany.

For many people, it offers the opportunity to be authentically simply themselves. The kind of freedom that is normal in Germany is something that people in many countries of the world cannot live out. In some countries, women are even punished for dancing in public. Convictions like this do not exist in Germany. The police are there to protect the citizens and make sure that no one is hurt, insulted or otherwise attacked. Living conditions as safe as here do not exist everywhere.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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