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Thank you Germany: Part 053: The country offers a high life expectancy


On average, residents of Germany live to be 81 years old. This gives the country an advantage that should not be underestimated: life expectancy is above average. By way of comparison: in the United States of America, residents live to an average of just under 78 years and in Russia to a mere 70 years. In most other countries of the world, average life expectancy is probably much lower. Germany thus offers its residents a tangible advantage for which Germans can be grateful. There are probably several reasons for the high life expectancy. For one thing, the country has modern research in the field of medicine. For another, there is a good social system in this country.

This ensures that broad sections of the population receive good medical care. Compulsory membership in the health insurance system also guarantees everyone good medical treatment in problem cases. In addition, there is good preventive medical care, which in Germany often begins in childhood. Dentists and general practitioners visit kindergartens and primary schools and take care of the children. In the process, the children are informed about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as receiving medical treatment. Vaccination against certain diseases, for example, is part of the standard programme in Germany. It is compulsory by law. Accordingly, all children are vaccinated against certain diseases, so that they are almost non-existent in Germany. Infant care is also extremely good in Germany. If children in families are not well cared for, the Youth Welfare Office takes care of problem cases if necessary. Even in adulthood, Germans receive good medical care and are supported in a healthy lifestyle.

Many Germans visit fitness studios or go running. A healthy lifestyle such as this also contributes to a considerable increase in the life expectancy of the individual. So two factors come together in the statistics: On the one hand, there is a supportive state structure. On the other hand, Germans make their own contribution to maintaining their health through exercise and sport. In any case, the result is a real success. Doctors suspect that life expectancy can only be increased minimally further. 81 years is already a high figure that Germans can be proud of. Some people live even longer. There are also fellow citizens in Germany who celebrate their 100th birthday every now and then. The country’s mild climate is also good for life expectancy. It ensures that people’s bodies are not exposed to too much cold in winter and that they often have to deal with moderate temperatures in summer as well. If it does get hotter, good air-conditioning systems compensate for these temperatures. All in all, Germans thus have a pleasant temperature that does not confront their bodies with too much stress.

Important regulations regarding labour law also ensure that Germans’ health is strengthened. Germans can retire at a certain age. Those who do particularly strenuous work from a young age, such as construction workers, can often even retire a little earlier. Thus, when Germans retire, they usually still have many years of life ahead of them.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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