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Thank you Germany: Part 054: The Oktoberfest is known all over the world


There are traditions from Germany that are known all over the world. One of these traditions is the Munich Oktoberfest. When tourists come to Germany, they often pay a visit to this festival. Dressing up in a special costume and drinking real German beer from Bavaria is probably one of the items that many visitors to Germany have on their bucket list. In Bavaria, you drink a Maß Bier in proper style. This means that the drink is drunk in a glass that holds a whole litre. A true Bavarian does not drink from a smaller glass. And anyone who wants to experience the Oktoberfest in the right atmosphere also orders an appropriate glass. But the Oktoberfest also has a traditional food. The large pretzel from Bavaria, Obazda and, in the morning, Munich Weißwurst (white sausage) are a firm part of the celebration. Drinking and eating at the Oktoberfest takes place in traditional beer tents, where there is music and often entertainment from the stage.

Even actors and political celebrities don’t miss the opportunity to visit the festival tent at Oktoberfest time. The first keg is usually tapped by Munich’s mayor. This opens the festival, which attracts guests from all over Germany and even from other countries. The Oktoberfestwiese is one of the most important places in Bavaria during the festival season. Many visitors from other federal states arrive on trains specially equipped to travel to the Oktoberfest. On the outward journey, people are already celebrating on the train. On the return journey, the compartments provide all the comforts so that even alcoholised guests can get home without worry. Some federal states even have their own celebrations reminiscent of the Oktoberfest. But the original only exists in Munich.

Those who travel to Munich for the festival often equip themselves with the appropriate attire for the festival. Munich residents and Bavarians in general attend the Oktoberfest in traditional costume. And guests from other federal states also like to emulate this example: Visitors wearing lederhosen as well as shirts and female visitors wearing dirndls are no exception. On the contrary, they are the rule. Those who want to really savour the atmosphere also come to the festival in the appropriate attire. In this respect, the Oktoberfest is one big Bavarian theme party. Even many guests from Asia are attracted to the Oktoberfest year after year. They enjoy the special atmosphere and have their photos taken in the middle of the tent among the Germans in an exuberant mood. Beer benches are set up in the festival tents for the guests. At such a beer bench, there is no distinction in status and no difference between celebrities and ordinary visitors.

Every guest is equally welcome here. Nevertheless, there is an entrance fee for the Oktoberfest. The rush into the tents is too great to simply open the doors. But the visit is worth every cent of that entrance fee. There is probably no other place in Germany where Germans celebrate as exuberantly as here. Even those who have little else to do will appreciate the state here. You just have to love Germany for the Oktoberfest.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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