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Thank you Germany: Part 055: German rivers offer a special natural panorama


Another advantage of Germany are the many rivers that exist in the country. In the country’s history, they have often helped its people to become wealthy. Trade can be conducted via rivers. Raw materials can be transported quickly from one place to another via water. This is how a number of regions came to wealth through rafting. This involved the transport and trade of wood. The paper industry developed from the trade in wood. In other regions, access to the sea could be achieved via the rivers. These secured opportunities for maritime trade and brought a connection to the world market. However, the rivers are not only a great advantage for economic reasons.

They also offer visitors and tourists as well as residents of a region a beautiful landscape panorama. Boat trips can be booked on the Rhine or the Neckar. With these, visitors can explore the region in an interesting and appealing way. Many people also use boat trips for a nice little celebration. In any case, a boat trip on a large river offers a very special experience. Not every country has as many beautiful rivers and river landscapes as Germany. The country also has many lakes in store. They can also be used for a holiday in the country. After all, a comprehensive programme of water sports is possible on rivers as well as lakes. Many people use the rivers for a trip with a canoe or a holiday programme with a kayak.

Other people have a larger boat and go sailing on the rivers. You can also go diving and swimming in German lakes and rivers. Many people explore the rivers as children and associate them with a very special atmosphere. Finally, there is also a lot of fishing on Germany’s rivers. A whole range of fish can be caught here in freshwater. Experts make a hobby of it. In addition, many restaurants profit from the fish caught in Germany’s rivers. The fish enriches the regional cuisine. Whether it is pike or carp, perch or eel – Germany offers the gastronomy many different fish to process. In addition to these opportunities, many people also use rivers as a beautiful destination for excursions. It’s nice to walk along the river.

As a rule, the moving water also provides a breath of fresh air in the river valley. It also opens up a view into the distance. Many people enjoy these advantages when walking along rivers. In contrast to other countries, Germany has larger rivers in almost all regions that can be used for hiking and other leisure activities. Some people also travel by bike and cover longer distances. You can also make wonderful trips along Germany’s rivers in a tent or caravan. This option ensures a high quality of life in Germany. You simply have to be grateful to the country for its beautiful rivers. Many people love to live in a city with a well-known river.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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