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Thank you Germany: Part 056: Nowhere are there such beautiful fairy tales for children


There is hardly any other country where there are so many beautiful folk tales. They were carefully collected by the Brothers Grimm and thus preserved over the centuries. Its special wealth of stories makes the country a beautiful place for children. While the Grimm brothers collected old folk tales, other writers such as the Dane Hans Christian Andersen later invented art tales. Without a doubt, his story of the Little Mermaid is also famous. In contrast to the art fairy tales, however, the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are many centuries old. They have been preserved in the German language and in the collective memory of Germans.

In addition to their collection of old fairy tales, the Grimm brothers secondly sat in parliament in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt and thirdly founded one of the most famous dictionaries, which is still used today. Among the people of Germany, however, they are best known for their collection of fairy tales. This collection of stories is still used today to provide good entertainment for many young children. The parents have also been successful with this endeavour. There is a reason why the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm have survived for such a long time. They still exert a special fascination on children today. Even at an early age, some of the stories can be told to children. Some of the fairy tales also contain gruesome moments and are more suitable for older children. Thus, the collection of fairy tales offers a story for every age.

Many children also use the stories as reading practice once they are in primary school. The rich treasure of ideas has also inspired many a filmmaker. Even for many animated series and more recent film adaptations, some of the stories from this very special collection provide the actual inspiration. Not all fairy tales from the large collection are equally famous. Many people might know Hansel and Gretel or the story of the Bremen Town Musicians. But the great collection of the Brothers Grimm also contains many lesser-known stories. As a result, it always offers a new and unknown story even for adults.

The beautiful collection is thus suitable as a gift for very different people. You can give it to children or to a couple who is about to have a child. But the collection also offers a very special gift to adults who are interested in stories from ancient times. There is no doubt that the famous collection of fairy tales is part of German culture. It will be read aloud by parents for many years to come. Unlike many a film, it is a cultural heritage that has been preserved over such a long time for good reason.

Essential experiences of humanity are preserved in the stories. Many literary scholars and even psychoanalysts have therefore studied the stories and use them as an important collection of material. The stories form a starting point for an examination of human experience. Not only children, but also adults, can find themselves in some of the moments in these stories. Thus, they can also be used for a reflective discussion about experiences from one’s own life. In addition, they give every child important ideas for their adventures in the world. This is invaluable.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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