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Thank you Germany: Part 059: Widespread support for solar energy


The development of renewable energies is one of the most important tasks not only in Germany. The renewal of the energy industry into sustainable production that consciously conserves the planet’s resources is one of the most urgent tasks worldwide. Germany is doing important work in this field. The country supports both wind power and solar energy. The use of the sun to produce electricity is achieved with photovoltaic systems.

In the field of the technical development of these plants, the German economy has made important developments. But the use of solar energy is also political and social. Many public institutions have solar systems on their roofs. And many private households also use the space on their roofs specifically to generate electricity. There is a reason why not only households with a high income can afford this. For one thing, German industry has ensured that the systems can also already be purchased at an affordable price.

Over the years, so much electricity is quickly saved that the costs for the purchase and installation of such systems can be recouped. On the other hand, there have always been and still are subsidies for the use of such systems in Germany. The generation of electricity via solar energy is specifically supported in Germany. Such an economic policy does not exist in every country. Some industrialised countries even deny climate change. Germany, on the other hand, has long understood that there is a task in the field of energy production in which all countries worldwide must assume their own responsibility. Germany assumes this responsibility with an ecologically sustainable economic policy.

In Germany, the production of sustainable energy is specifically promoted by the state. People who have a strong environmental awareness and want to contribute to the preservation of the planet can be proud of this. But every thrifty person also benefits from this kind of renewable energy. In contrast to the power socket, electricity from the sky costs nothing. Once the systems are installed on the roof, they can successfully produce electricity for many years. Technical development in this field of energy production has made great strides in recent years. Thanks to new devices, much more electricity can be generated on the roof of a house today than before the turn of the century.

This is another reason why so many houses have resorted to the systems. Today they are a good financial investment. The fact that this technical development has been possible is also thanks to the German energy industry and the research of German universities. Together they have made an important contribution to the global generation of electricity from sunlight. This development benefits not only Germany, but also many other countries, where the systems provide sustainable electricity generation for states and inhabitants of ecologically sustainable architecture. You can’t help but love Germany for its special research and responsible energy policies. Ecological awareness and economically sustainable action consciously pull together here and ensure that electricity is generated in a way that conserves resources.

The entire planet Earth benefits from this. And the Germans can be very proud of that. In many countries around the world, the country is admired for this.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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