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Thank you Germany: Part 061: The North Frisian Islands offer a very special holiday destination


There are many holiday resorts in Germany. But hardly any are as unique as the islands in North Friesland. A very special one among these islands is Sylt. You simply have to love Germany for this beautiful holiday island with its thatched-roof houses. The North Sea has special tides with low and high tides. The sea washes its waves onto beautiful sandy beaches. Visitors can relax in a unique way in the dunes. But the sea also takes a piece of land from the island of Sylt every year. Again and again, a part of it disappears. The island’s cliff is washed away and taken into the sea. Thus the island becomes smaller year after year. Although the land has taken defensive measures and is having sand piled up again, one day the island will disappear completely into the sea.

Similar to Venice, the beautiful Sylt will one day no longer exist. Perhaps this is why the island enjoys a very special attraction as a holiday destination. Many guests find their way to the island every year. They enjoy the special atmosphere on the island in holiday homes or beautiful hotels. The beautiful sea offers the best conditions for surfers as well as bathers. Children can collect shells. Freshly caught fish and North Sea crabs are available in the harbour. The guests are also catered for with these culinary delights. The island offers its guests very special food. Nowhere else in Germany are there so many star chefs in such a small area as on the island of Sylt. The beautiful dunes offer many windless places where you can retreat with a good book. But there is also the opportunity to do so directly on the beach. In a specially constructed beach chair, guests have a good view of the sea and can enjoy their time. There are few beaches in the world that provide the kind of atmosphere that exists right here.

Many guests come back to North Friesland again and again every year for exactly this reason. If you can’t afford a hotel in beautiful Sylt, you can also stay in an inexpensive guesthouse on the mainland. During the day, the islands can be visited by ferry. The island of Sylt is also well connected by train. You can even get to the island with your car by taking the train. Many people take advantage of this opportunity for a nice holiday. The view of the sea makes for a very special kind of relaxation. Those who appreciate this kind of holiday will not find exactly this quality of relaxation anywhere else in the world. You simply have to love Germany for holiday opportunities of this kind. Even those who already have another favourite beach should not miss the opportunity to visit North Friesland.

The churning sea offers a completely different kind of relaxation. The beaches are also not as crowded as in many more southern countries. Incidentally, the island was already populated several thousand years before Christ. Stone Age graves can be found on the North Frisian Islands. Later, the Frisians and the Vikings settled on the island. The legendary Rungholt was swallowed up by a spring tide in its time and offers a myth reminiscent of Atlantis.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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