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Thank you Germany: Part 063: There is a good coffee culture in the country


In terms of coffee, Germany has benefited from its neighbours. Both France and Austria, with their famous coffee houses, probably provided the necessary level of inspiration here. Initially, the level of these great role models may not have been reached. In recent years, however, there has been a quite considerable increase in coffee culture in the metropolises of Germany. The creative scene of artists and hipsters would be unthinkable without black gold.

Many trendy places offer them coffee culture at its best. But every other inhabitant of Germany is always welcome in the pubs of the big cities as well as the small villages. Most restaurants today have an expensive coffee machine with which they prepare all kinds of specialities. The best cafés use very special roasts for these specialities. The result of German coffee culture today is something to be proud of. You are offered high-quality coffee that considerably enhances the quality of life. If the coffee is made with filtering methods, it is now mostly elaborate production, as is currently being used in the American metropolises.

Most cafés, however, resort to the classic steam-pressure method, which produces a delicious espresso. Today, Germany is no longer behind its French neighbour. Germany can be proud of this. The country also offers a special density of cafés. This means that today you can count on a good coffee even in every small town. In larger cities, you usually have a choice of various trendy cafés. As a rule, the coffee is available both in a very special version and in a deliberately inexpensive version. This makes the enjoyment of coffee accessible to broad sections of the population. In fact, coffee is also one of the most important drinks for Germans today. They drink even more coffee than black tea.

There are also specialities to sweeten it. Some connoisseurs resort to a very special sugar. But there are also sugar substitutes on the market today. They are also used by many people. Not only diabetics resort to them. People who pay attention to a conscious diet and want to consume little sugar can also use this type of sweetener for themselves.

For vegetarians, on the other hand, there is also the option of enjoying coffee soy milk. In this way, the coffee product has been renewed to meet all the needs of the population. Coffee is thus used in the appropriate variant as a means of stimulating the mind. The creative scene in particular resorts to it.

This is not only the case today. Coffee was already a popular means of stimulating the mind in the salons of the Berlin Enlightenment in the 18th century. Today, it is still loved by artists and creative people, but also by managers in executive positions. It stimulates the mind and ensures that people can be productive. While expensive taxes were levied on coffee in the 18th century, today it is a luxury food available to many people. Some people can’t even start the day without a good coffee.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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