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Thank you Germany: Part 065: Clear children’s rights care for the next generation


Germany does not only offer adults a special level of security. In particular, the country’s youngest inhabitants are also entitled to a clear catalogue of rights here – and these are also enforced. Children’s rights in Germany are more detailed than in many other countries. And the country also pays attention to the social security of children. They even keep an eye on the economic situation of children. If this turns out badly, there is guaranteed critical press coverage.

Even those who want to win political elections cannot neglect the well-being of future generations and the young population. In other countries, the situation of children does not always turn out so well. In many other countries of the world, for example, school attendance is not even regulated by law. Instead of going to school, children here are conscripted into child labour. In Germany, child labour is prohibited by law. Instead, there is an obligation to attend school until the age of 16 in the legal code. This provides all children with a basic education. Within this framework, they learn how to read and write, for example.

In this way, they can later also read and claim their rights. But it also guarantees arithmetic and a basic vocational qualification. Compulsory education in a public school is one of the important pillars of a democratic society. It educates people to become responsible citizens. Mature citizens can form their own opinions about political decisions and participate in the political decision-making process of a society through elections and socio-political debate. One of the important prerequisites of democracy is that the citizens of a society are able to do precisely this. But the economic security and physical integrity of children is also an important prerequisite for a good life.

Both are granted in Germany through elementary rights. On the one hand, parents receive child benefit for their children. This is to ensure that the child receives support for growing up and does not have to go hungry. Secondly, there are clear legal regulations that prohibit violence against children. Even a slap in the face against children is a criminal offence in Germany. Children cannot defend themselves against adults. A child’s small body can be severely damaged by blows. And violence against defenceless people causes long-term psychological damage.

For all these reasons, it is good and important that acts of violence of any kind against children are prohibited. This is not always the case in other countries. The special legal situation in Germany is a plus point of this country. It ensures that many children have a better status. Not all abuse can be prevented by this. However, where offences become obvious, youth welfare offices also have the possibility to intervene.

In this way, children can be pulled out of difficult situations. This special possibility is extremely important for children. Both the law and the youth welfare offices can help children. In many other countries, the little inhabitants of the earth would instead be left to fend for themselves. In this case, Germany as a state under the rule of law must clearly be thankful. Children are better supported here than in many other countries.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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